MSNBC and CNN Turn Into Biden TV When the Democrat Leaves His Basement

August 31st, 2020 4:19 PM

Here’s the basic rule MSNBC operates by in 2020: Interrupt Donald Trump and the Republicans constantly when they try and make the case for the GOP. But when Joe Biden ascends from his basement, just let him talk with no obstruction. That was proved during the conventions and again on Monday as Biden gave a statement in Pittsburgh. (But took no questions.)

MSNBC joined the speech as soon as it happened and played it, uninterrupted, for 23 minutes until completion. (CNN did the same thing.) During the speech, the Democrat assailed, “Donald Trump is determined to instill fear in America. That's what his entire campaign for the President has come down to! Fear!”



Even though MSNBC immediately jumped to “fact check” Team Trump during the GOP convention, no queries or challenges here.  After Biden finished, he, once again, took no questions and simply shuffled off. MSNBC host Katy Tur simply parroted back the Democrat’s talking points:

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaking in Pittsburgh, with some very forceful language right there. I just want to read one thing he said toward the very end. Saying that Donald Trump is “poisoning our democracy." And saying "this nation faces a choice in November. Will we rid ourselves of this toxin or make it a permanent part of our nation's character.” So there was Joe Biden.

She later regurgitated, "Biden also alleged the President sees the violence as a political lifeline, and much of the rhetoric we're seeing out of the President from his tweets to what he's been saying to his actions and what we saw at the RNC, seems to back that up."

Over on CNN, Brianna Keilar offered the same response. No outrage over Biden dodging the media:

All right. Joe Biden in Pittsburgh delivering a speech delivering a speech, asking Americans, essentially, “Are you safe in Donald Trump's America” after the President has said that America will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America.

(Fox News, despite the cartoon cliche liberals have of the network, played all of BIden's remarks on Monday.) 

During the Republican National Convention, MSNBC's level of interruptions was 600 times greater than during the Democratic convention. On June 20, Trump kicked off his 2020 reelection campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CNN and MSNBC censored 97 percent of it.

MSNBC doesn't want to cover they news. Their journalists want to control the news. 

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