Hacks at AP Gush Over Kamala’s ‘Baptist Roots,’ Bury EXTREME Abortion Stance

August 12th, 2020 12:00 PM

On Tuesday, it was The New York Times flat-out lying by calling vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris a “pragmatic moderate.” On Wednesday, the Associated Press hyped the “Baptist” “roots” of the abortion-loving, far-left Democrat. It wasn’t until the final paragraph of the story by Elana Schor that abortion even came up (and at that point only gently). 

The headline touted, “Harris brings Baptist, interfaith roots to Democratic ticket.” The liberal Democrat’s American Conservative Union lifetime score is 3.03, yet Schor insisted “Harris brings Baptist, interfaith roots to Democratic ticket.” 

She opened the article: 

Kamala Harris, tapped on Tuesday as Joe Biden’s running mate, attended services at both a Black Baptist church and a Hindu temple growing up – an interfaith background that reflects her historic status as the first Black woman and woman of South Asian descent on a major-party presidential ticket.

The 55-year-old first-term Democratic senator, whose name means “lotus” in the Sanskrit language, identifies as a Baptist as an adult and brought another faith into her life in 2014 when she married Douglas Emhoff, a Jewish attorney.

Over and over, the article tells of Harris’s religiosity: “Harris attends services at the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco.” The article quotes Pastor Reverend Amos Brown as declaring, “She’s a spiritual person.” 

Here’s what the President of the Susan B. Anthony List said of Harris

“Kamala Harris is an extremist who supports abortion on demand through birth, paid for by taxpayers, and even infanticide – an agenda rejected by the overwhelming majority of Americans, including millions of Independents and rank-and-file Democrats,” Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement. 

“As attorney general of California, Harris conspired with the abortion industry to launch a politically-motivated shakedown of brave citizen journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s role in the harvest and sale of aborted baby parts for profit.”

In 2019, Harris declared that states should be forcibly stopped from enacting any abortion restrictions. Yet, it wasn’t until the very last sentence that the AP’s Schor noted, “Harris' support for abortion rights also sparked criticism from Priests for Life, an anti-abortion group led by a Catholic priest and longtime backer of President Donald Trump.” 

While discussing the Democrat's faith, journalists should also ask how Harris how this squares with an extreme, radical support for abortion. 

Additionally, Harris previously claimed that she believes unwanted sexual touching accusations against Biden and thinks that Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexual assault, “has a right to tell her story.” Yet she’s on his presidential ticket? When will the press ask about that?