Time’s ‘100 Women of the Year’ Allows Just TWO Conservatives (and One Republican)

March 10th, 2020 5:00 PM

Time magazine, a liberal dinosaur publication, is desperately trying to hold onto relevance. Its latest effort is to rewind 100 years and pretend that the magazine has been giving out a Woman of the Year prize all the back to 1921. We counted and here’s the revealing totals: The women who were Democrats (elected or otherwise) or liberal activists or left-leaning feminists? 21. Number of conservatives or Republicans? Just three. (former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Congresswoman Margaret Chase Smith, Supreme Court Sandra Day O’Connor.) That’s right, they found three conservative/Republican women in 100 YEARS. 

Retroactive Democratic women of the year included: Hillary Clinton (2016). Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (2010), Michelle Obama (2008). Democratic first ladies include Mrs. Obama, Clinton, Jacqueline Kennedy (1962) and Eleanor Roosevelt (1948). Republican First Ladies? ZERO. When it came to the Supreme Court, there’s Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1996) and Anita Hill (1991), who testified against (future) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

O’Connor makes it on the list as a conservative. But for her entry, Time writer Tessa Berenson told readers that the decisive fifth vote in Bush v. Gore “tainted the Justices with accusations of partisanship and tested Americans’ faith in their electoral system.”     

Here are some of the most egregious:  

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is retroactively declared the 1925 Woman of the Year. 

Writer Erin Blakemore cheered, “Margaret Sanger made a case for birth control as an alternative to both abortion and ‘enforced, enslaved maternity.'” She reluctantly admitted that Sanger’s support for the eugenics movement “compromised her reputation,” adding, “Historians still tussle over Sanger’s complicated legacy.” Complicated? That’s generous. Not mentioned is that the Planned Parenthood founder spoke in front of the Klu Klux Klan in 1938

Time declared Angela Davis the 1971 Woman of the Year. Far-left writer Ibram X. Kendi called her an “an activist. An author. A scholar.” President Richard Nixon, however, thought she was a terrorist. In 1970, guns registered to Davis were used in an attack of California courtroom. Yet, Kendi romanticized, “She was on trial for her life. Millions of progressive Americans defended her like they were on trial for theirs.” Ignored by Time? In 2016, she declared, “I have always been a communist.” 



Time writer Charlotte Alter lectured that, although Hillary Clinton is “both beloved and reviled” by some, there’s no doubt where the magazine comes down. Alter lauded, “Clinton has come to symbolize both the great strides forward for women in politics and the stiff headwinds they still confront.” 



The conservative women for the last 100 years? Thatcher and O’Connor. While Thatcher is a conservative legend and icon, most on the right would hardly consider O’Connor a conventional conservative. She was consistently liberal on abortion. But still, being generous, that’s two overtly conservative women in 100 years. (As for Republicans, GOP Congresswoman Smith, it should be pointed out, is included for speaking out against Joseph McCarthy.)    

Where’s Condoleezza Rice? Nikki Haley?  Phyllis Schlafly? Mother Teresa? Apparently, if you’re conservative and a woman, Time thinks you don’t count. (For more on Time, see how their covers have spun a cartoon, scary Trump vs. inspiring 2020 Dems.) 
Here’s just a partial list of some of the Democrats, liberals, feminists or (in the case of Angela Davis) a communist: 

1925 — Margaret Sanger
1948 — Eleanor Roosevelt
1949 — Simone de Beauvoir 
1962 — Rachel Carson
1970 — Gloria Steinem
1971 — Angela Davis 
1972 — Congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink (D) 
1973 — Jane Roe
1974 — Congresswoman Lindy Boggs (D) 
1984 — Bell Hooks (real name: Gloria Jean Watkins) 
1991 — Anita Hill
1992 — Sinead O’Connor 
1994 — Jocelyn Elders 
1996 — Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
1997 — Ellen DeGeneres 
1999 — Madeleine Albright 
2004 — Oprah Winfrey 
2008 — Michelle Obama 
2016 — Hillary Clinton 
2019 — Greta Thunberg