Kellyanne Conway Blasts Blitzer for ‘There Are Issues’ With Your Marriage Insinuation

November 14th, 2019 1:18 PM

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday got into a contentious battle with Wolf Blitzer when the anchor awkwardly insisted that “there are issues” with her marriage to Trump critic George Conway. Blitzer stumbled, “I just have a final question, a sensitive question, and it’s a political question, it’s a substantive question.” 

He added, “I don’t want to talk about your marriage. I know that there are issues there.” An incredulous Conway responded, “Did you just say there are issues there?... Why would you say that?”



Rather than just show the clip of George Conway on MSNBC, CNN played up the drama. The network's producers cut to a two shot of her husband talking while she watched. In the clip, Mr. Conway denounced, “Trump is all about Trump. And that is why it’s inevitable he would get himself into this soup once again.” 

Kellyanne Conway demanded, “And the relevance is, and, come on—wait for it—drum roll—and he’s married to me?” She fumed, “What you just quoted is said every day by other voices, but you wanted to put it in my husband’s voice because you think somehow that that will help your ratings or that you’re really sticking it to Kellyanne Conway.” 

The White House counselor concluded, “I think you embarrassed yourself and I’m embarrassed for you because this is CNN now.”