ABC Brings on Spike Lee to Tout Illegals: ‘I Call Them People Seeking Peace’

The liberal co-hosts of The View on Monday brought on far-left director Spike Lee to tout his new music video opposing the a wall on the southern border. Referring to illegals crossing the border as “people who are seeking peace,” Lee hyped the protest song he directed for the rock group The Killers. 

Of course, the women of The View asked no tough questions. Instead, Lee recounted going to the border as a caravan approached: “That was about the whole —  I don't even call them immigrants. I'm calling them people who are seeking peace.” 



No one on the show pointed out that not all who enter illegally are “people seeking peace.” Such as the illegal who murdered police corporal Ronil Singh in California

Despite a history of saying bizarre things, media outlets repeatedly bring on Lee. In 2005, the director told HBO’s Bill Maher that it’s “not far-fetched” to say that the New Orleans levees were deliberately destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Yet ABC’s Good Morning America in 2008 touted him simply as a “social critic.” 

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The View

SUNNY HOSTIN: I want to ask you this, the rock band The Killers just released a new song called Land of the Free and you directed a film for this song with scenes of migrants at the U.S./Mexico border. And we have a clip. Please take a look. 

[Clip of The Killers song “Land of the Free.”]  

JOY BEHAR: Wow. So powerful. 

HOSTIN: So powerful. We're seeing wheelchairs lifted over. What was it like there? 

SPIKE LEE: Well, at first I'd like to give a shout out to Brandon flowers, the guy from The Killers. He called me out of nowhere and said I got a song. He told me he had just seen "Black KkKlansman and he has a song that's a protest song. I said send it to me and I said let's do it. The lyrics, there are different stanzas for all the problems that are happening in America's time but the last stance is the one that stood out to me. 

That was about the whole —  I don't even call them immigrants. I'm calling them people who are seeking peace. I went down to the border and I got people shooting stuff and I came out the other day and people are really responding to it. It's so relevant because over 800,000 Americans are not being paid, going into forfeit because of what's happening on this thing. 

So I think that it's just -- and then how he tried to criminalize saying, if you started earlier in the campaign, all Mexicans are rapists, murderers, drug dealers. Then he said with the caravan that was coming, well, there are some people from the Middle East, trying to say there was — 

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Terrorists.  

LEE: Terrorists. They're people who walked hundreds of miles in flip-flops. So, unless they made some nuclear bomb flip-flops, I mean — 

BEHAR: Those two kids died — 

LEE: Three have died. 

BEHAR: Three of them now. They blame it on the parents instead of the fact that they're —  

LEE: Also, the national parks, I think two or three people died in the national parks. So this is bananas. This is crazy.   


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