How NBC Celebrates New Years: ‘Woman of the Year’ Ginsburg Is ‘the Bomb’

Can’t New Years Eve be free from liberal swooning? No. No, it can’t. On NBC’s A Toast to 2018!, celebrities AND network journalists fawned over far-left Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As the last hours of 2018 ticked away, Dateline NBC reporter Andrea Canning gushed over the documentary and feature film on Ginsburg: “I mean, she's 85 years old and everyone's talking about her!” 

Dateline NBC’s Dennis Murphy raved, “Woman of the year. Anyone opposed to that?” Well, some conservatives might not be thrilled. Can anyone imagine journalists saying this about a film on the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia? 



This is Us actress Chrissy Metz rhapsodized, “She is the bomb!” 

A transcript of the New Years Eve exchange is below: 

A Toast to 2018! 
8:07pm ET

CARSON KRESSLEY (Get a Room With Carson & Thom co-host on Bravo): Let's talk about the notorious RBG!  Ruth Bader Ginsburg. One of our most fabulous supreme Court justices. 

ANDREA CANNING (Dateline NBC journalist):  I mean, she's 85 years old and everyone's talking about her. 

CHRISSY METZ (This Is Us actress): She is the bomb! 

DENNIS MURPHY (Dateline NBC journalist): Woman of the year, anyone opposed to that? 

JOSH MANKIEWICZ (Dateline NBC journalist): One of my favorite movies from 2018 was the RBG  documentary. 

NATALIE MORALES (Today show co-host): RBG. I, of course, had known what she's done, broken through glass ceilings for all of us. But watching that woman work out—  

AKBAR GBAJABIAMILA (American Ninja Warrior co-host): She bench presses more than you. 

MATT ISEMAN (America Ninja Warrior co-host):  She probably does. 

ADAM RIPPON (Olympic medalist): I'm waiting for her to run an iron man. 

JAIMIE ALEXANDER (actress):  I'm a huge fan of anybody that just keeps doing what they love for so long. It's also very inspiring. 

NB Daily Video Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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