Liberal Actor Blasts U.S.: We Are ‘Among the Worst Abusers of Human Rights’

Actor Ron Perlman suffered a meltdown on Twitter, Monday, attacking the United States, smearing a Marine and launching into a profanity-laced tirade. The star of shows such as Sons of Anarchy and films like Pacific Rim freaked at the news that America would be withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council: 



Syria, North Korea, Iran... the United States? The actor didn’t explain his “logic.” 

In another tweet, Perlman accused an ICE worker of having a Nazi tattoo. 



Turns out, the individual in question, Justin Gaertner, is a disabled Marine. Not a Nazi racist. Oops. The Free Beacon explained

"Per Mr. Gaertner, the tattoo on his left elbow is the ‘Titan 2,' the symbol for his platoon while he fought in Afghanistan," ICE said. "The writing on his right arm is the Spartan Creed which is about protecting family and children."

Perlman apologized, but tried to explain away his horrible error. 



In response to being informed that he was using a four-year-old picture to demonstrate how awful Republicans are treating illegal migrant children, Perlman responded with this tirade: 



In a moment of clarity from 2014, Perlman told the hosts of Morning Joe: “I get all my news from MSNBC, which is probably not wise.” Maybe that’s where his problems began? 

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