Barf: Joe Scarborough Is Forcing His Music on People Again

Stop Joe Scarborough before he sings again. The smug, 54-year-old Morning Joe host created another music video on Monday, using footage of the pro-gun control March for Our Lives inter-cut with his song "Stand." The video aired at the very end of Monday’s show. Scarborough introduced: “That does it for us this morning. Before Chris Jansing picks up the coverage, we leave you with some more images from this weekend’s rallies across America.” 

The footage contained multiple images of anti-Trump “Resist” signs. As the Media Research Center’s Brent Baker noted in January, this isn’t the first time MSNBC has made a music video from the song "Stand." Another aired to celebrate the Women’s March. 



Here are Scarborough's lyrics to the song used for both videos: 

"Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand against a column of tanks”

“And once in your life, you may get the chance to say words like deep within your 
heart that change the outcome of the day”

“And how the world turns violently, we’re battered by the savagery but we will not wake not on bended knees, we will not go down quietly, will not go down silently”

“And though the world turns violently, we’re battered by the savagery, but we will not wake, not on bended knee, we will not go down quietly” 

In December, Scarborough released an anti-Trump Christmas album. (Bad Christmas gift or worst Christmas gift?) 

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