Jim Jordan Battles MSNBC’s Tur: ‘I Want to Keep You Focused on the Facts’

Congressman Jim Jordan on Monday fought with MTP Daily guest host Katy Tur, pressing her on MSNBC’s partisan spin. Regarding the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump, Tur tried to steer the conversation: “I want to keep you focused on this.” 

Jordan shot back: “I want to keep you focused on the facts.” Tur began by lecturing the Congressman: “If the President is innocent, why is he not acting like he’s innocent?” The two fought over the ongoing investigation: 



REP. JIM JORDAN: Think about what the FBI did. The top people, the people I just talked about, many of them have been fired, a bunch of them have been demoted. They took a campaign opposition research document, dressed it all up, made it sound like it was legitimate intelligence, took it to a FISA court to get a warrant to spy on a fellow American citizen. When they went to the court, they didn’t tell them the whole truth. They didn’t tell them who paid for the document. They didn’t tell them the author of the document — 

KATY TUR: Hold on. That’s what -- that’s what Devin Nunes — 

JORDAN: They didn’t tell them the author — 

TUR: That’s a Republican partisan finding. That’s not what the Democrats found in the House Intel.

JORDAN: No, that’s not accurate. That isn’t accurate.

TUR: They found that they — 

JORDAN: Even Schiff’s document — 

TUR: No, they found that they — 

JORDAN: -- points that out, Katy.

Tur lectured: “I’m not going to argue. I’m not going to do down this rabbit hole.” The two continued until Jordan zinged the MSNBC host: 

JORDAN: Katy, that his relationship with the FBI had been terminated. And why was it terminated? Because Christopher Steele was out leaking information to the press.

TUR: Hold on. I want to keep you focused --

JORDAN: The same thing Andy McCabe was doing, by the way.

TUR: I want to keep you focused --

JORDAN: They didn’t tell the court that.

TUR: Congressman, I want to keep you focused on this. And respectfully, let’s talk --

JORDAN: I want to keep you focused on the facts.

Just last week, Tur fawned over Hillary Clinton as having a “much deeper relationship with faith” than Trump. 

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