Fake News: CNN Says Only Democrats Prayed for Wounded Scalise

June 16th, 2017 12:12 PM

Talk about fake news. At Thursday’s congressional baseball game, there were a number of touching tributes to the victims and the heroes. This included a prayer for the still-critically injured Congressman Steve Scalise. Yet, CNN’s Twitter page told viewers that only Democrats were involved in the prayer. 

In a now-deleted tweet, the CNNPolitics page tweeted, “Members of a Democratic team gather on the field for a prayer before the congressional baseball game.” (See screen shot preserved via Twitchy below.) 

CBS This Morning’s Gayle King on Friday reported the news and got the story right: “Before the game, players from both teams gathered at second base for a prayer in honor of Congressman Scalise. That’s the position he played.”

CNN eventually offered a corrected tweet

The cable network's tweets have been a source of bad information this week. On Thursday, reporter Jim Acosta tweeted that Donald Trump did not visit the wounded Scalise when he traveled to Washington MedStar Hospital. Except, the President DID see the Congressman.