Can’t Win at USA Today; Headline: ‘Trump Too Late on Hate, Critics Say’

You just can’t win at USA Today. The paper blasted the President on Wednesday with this print headline: “Trump too late on hate, critics say.” This came a day after the author of the article appeared on MSNBC to say that anti-Semitism is becoming “mainstream” behavior on the right. 

In the article, Heidi M Przybyla noted that Donald Trump’s condemnation of anti-Semitism came “under fire for sidestepping earlier opportunities to condemn several waves of anti-Semitic acts since he took office last month.” In the second sentence of the article, Przybyla threw cold water on the President’s efforts: “It was a statement that anti-discrimination groups and Democrats say was too long in the making."

The journalist wrote: 

Though Trump's statement was a clear repudiation of the latest incidents, critics say it's too little, too late after his presidential campaign attracted some prominent anti-Semites and white nationalists.

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The online version of the headline currently reads: “Trump too late in denouncing anti-Semitic acts, critics say.” However, it appears from the URL that a more inflammatory version was originally used: “Donald Trump's long, tangled history with anti-Semitism and angry rhetoric.” It can still be seen from when it was tweeted

On Tuesday’s Hardball, Przybyla went on Hardball and declared of anti-Jewish violence and vandalism: 

 And that’s putting a magnifying glass for the whole country on this phenomenon of what was once a kind of right-wing, fringe, alt-right, white nationalist movement moving more into the mainstream, possibly gaining traction. And I don’t think that people are calling — just like that Jewish reporter — wasn’t calling Donald Trump anti-Semitic, but they’re asking him as leader, as the President of the United States because the numbers don’t lie and if you don’t want to believe the Southern Poverty Law Center, believe the FBI cause they’ve got numbers too.

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