Liberal Bias Runs Rampant as Gallup Finds ‘Trust in Media Sinks to New Low’

September 14th, 2016 4:14 PM

According to a new poll by Gallup, Americans’s trust in their media fell to a shocking new low. Asked if they believe the press will “report the news fully, accurately and fairly,” a meager 32 percent answered in the affirmative. Gallup’s Art Swift noted, “This is down eight percentage points from last year.” 

Writing about the new poll on CNN, Dylan Byers seemed to blame the viewers for the negative opinion of journalists: “In a climate of bitter political partisanship, anti-media rhetoric and diversified media options, just 32% of Americans now say they trust the media.” 

Gallup’s Swift explained: 

Republicans who say they have trust in the media has plummeted to 14% from 32% a year ago. This is easily the lowest confidence among Republicans in 20 years.

In April, an Associated Press survey found that “just 6 percent of people say they trust the media.” 

In 2013, a trio of polls found Americans, by a wide margin, see a left-wing bias in the press: 

In 2011, “A majority of Americans (55%) said they had ‘little or no trust’ in the press.” Clearly, the problem of liberal media bias is a concern for the American public. 

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