Hillary Fan George Stephanopoulos to Trump: ‘Critics’ Call You ‘Sexist’

April 27th, 2016 12:09 PM

Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday continued his role as a Hillary Clinton surrogate, hyping criticism of Donald Trump as “sexist.” The former Bill Clinton operative singled out the businessman’s comment that “if Hillary were a man, I don’t think she’d get five percent of the vote.” Stephanopoulos demanded, “What exactly did you mean by that? It struck a lot of your critics as sexist.” 

He then defended, “She's gotten 12 million votes.” Reciting Clinton talking points, Stephanopoulos continued, “You know that most polls show she does better in a national election with women than you do.” The Democrat- turned-host hammered, “You know that most polls show she does better in a national election with women than you do.”

On the subject of foreign policy, Stephanopoulos grilled, “How do you convince people they can trust you with the nuclear codes?” On Tuesday, the ABC journalist demanded that Bernie Sanders pledge “unconditional support” for Clinton. 

Last week, Stephanopoulos conducted a town hall with Clinton and appeared baffled as to why some distrust the Democrat. During the entire show, he never once mentioned the scandal surrounding the candidate’s private e-mail server. Stephanopoulos also avoided the topic of Benghazi.  

On that day, the bias was so bad on that day it even invaded the weather report

A transcript of the GMA segment is below:



GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's talk to Donald Trump right now. He joins us by phone. Mr. Trump, congratulations on the win. It looks like you won every county, every congressional district. Here’s what the exit polls show. It shows that about 25 percent of the party say they won't vote for you in a general election. I know you believe you're the nominee right now. How do you win that 25 percent over? 

DONALD TRUMP: I think they will come over, George, as soon as they get in line. Right now they're backing other candidates and they're backing somebody else. But they're going to come over. I've watched it all my life. I mean, they are angry, they're confused and they don't know how this is all happening and then all of a sudden it becomes love. It turns —  anger turns into love. I've seen it many, many times politically and in other parts of life and that's the way it is. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: You are getting a lot of buzz, also, about those comments you made about Hillary Clinton last night. “If Hillary were a man I don't think she'd get five percent of the vote.” What exactly did you mean by that? It struck a lot of your critics as sexist. 

TRUMP: It’s not sexist. It's true. Just a very, very true statement. If she were a man, she'd get five percent. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: 600,000 votes. She's gotten 12 million votes. 

TRUMP: She is a flawed candidate. She’s a candidate that, frankly, is I think it would be very, very — She’s not going to do very well in the election and I look forward to showing that and, frankly, you just look at her votes. And frankly, you look at her — even Bernie Sanders said she has bad judgment. I mean, Bernie Sanders himself said she has bad judgment. That's a big statement to make. That's a statement worse than many of the statements I've made against people I'm running against. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard her response. She said she wants to be dealt in on that woman card charge. She said she wants —  she's for women's health, equal pay for women and paid family leave. Where do you stand on those? 

TRUMP: Well, women don't like Hillary and it’s interesting. If you notice, I did very well last night with the women. The women gave me great marks and a great percentage but women do not like Hillary Clinton. That's been a known fact for a long time and she's going out there playing the women's card. In fact, she gets up and says, “I'm a woman. That's what separates me.” So she has every right to be attacked on that front. She gets up and all she's saying is “I'm a woman, I'm a woman” and she didn't play that card too much with Obama, probably made a mistake in not doing it, but she's playing it against us. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know that most polls show she does better in a national election with women than you do. 

TRUMP: Well, that's okay. I mean, I haven't started on her yet. You know, polls showed that Jeb Bush did better than me and he failed an polls showed all these people I played, that I did, that I won against, 17 group, that many of them did better than me and by the end I was much better than them and they left the race. And I mean, it’s one by one. They left the race. Now I have Hillary is going to be the next one and I look forward to taking her on. I think she'll be much easier than many of the governors and senators I knocked out. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: Ted Cruz still fighting even though you believe you're the nominee and you've heard that buzz that he could be naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate as early as today. Does that worry you at all? 

TRUMP: I think it would be a bad choice. I mean, Carly did not resonate. Not because she's a woman, but Carly did not resonate at all with people. She had one good —  one good debate, not against me. She had the debate on the other stage, if you'll remember. Remember we had so many —  we had so many candidates ahead of us on that stage but she had the one good debate she went up and then she dropped like a rock and never resonated with the people. So I mean Carly is not going to do the trick. I like Carly. She’s a nice person but she never resonated. 

She didn't do well. She went —  she was very low in the polls and by the end she was an insignificant player, so if you wan to bring Carly back, that's okay. She’s not the right person. He's too early to do it and, frankly, he's wasting his time because he’s not going to be the nominee. I have millions of votes more than him. Three million more. I have millions of votes more than him. I have hundreds of delegates more than him. He came in third in four of the races last night. He didn't come in second. He came in third. It's over for Ted. Now, what are you going to did? You going to — He goes around on the weekends and buys up all the second round delegates. He buys them. You know, takes them out for hamburgers, takes them out for cake. He takes them out to hotel rooms. They ride them around town. They take them sightseeing.  

STEPHANOPOULOS: I have to get one more question in. Let me get one more question. You're giving a major — 

TRUMP: George, I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on the first round. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're giving a major foreign policy speech today. How do you convince people they can trust you with the nuclear codes? 

TRUMP: Well, because I'm probably the last on the trigger. You know I was against the war in Iraq. Other people were for it. Hillary Clinton was for it. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: You were for it, though, before you were against it. 

TRUMP: No, I wasn't. I was never for it. I was against it. Before it ever started I was against it. And I was against it from before 2004. I was against the war in Iraq. And I was against it for years and Bush used to hate me for being so against it and they sent people to the White House to try and convince me and all I'd say is it destabilized —  it will destabilize the Middle East and Iran will take over the Middle East and that's exactly what happened and we have ISIS to top so they made a horrible decision, but Hillary Clinton voted for it and by the way, they did not knock down the World Trade Center, okay, just so we get that straight. Iraq did not knock down the world trade center which is in theory why we went in there and went after them. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: Donald Trump, thank you for joining us this morning. 

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