MRC's Notable Quotables: 'First-Rate' Hillary Just Like Jefferson and Adams

Posted below: the April 18 edition of Notable Quotables, MRC’s bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous quotes in the liberal media. This issue: The “first-rate” Hillary Clinton is just like Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams, according to journalists. 

Meanwhile, Chris Matthews told Bernie Sander’s campaign chairman that the socialist candidate stimulates his “erogenous zone.” Over on CNN, Chris Cuomo gushed to Bernie Sanders that “thousands of young people” are “shouting your name.” The complete issue, with 21 quotes is posted below.

“First-Rate” Hillary Just Like Jefferson and Adams 

Fill-in anchor Charlie Rose: “Do you believe Secretary Clinton is unqualified to be president?”
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: “Well, does Secretary Clinton believe that I am unqualified to be President?”
Rose: “Why can’t you simply say, yes, she has some of the — a first-rate resume in terms of a life in public service....She’s one of the most qualified people to run.”
— Exchange on the April 7 CBS Evening News.

Correspondent Joy Reid: “If you look at Hillary Clinton’s qualifications, I mean, my God, since the Founding Fathers, has anyone tried run for president with more on their resume?”
Host Andrea Mitchell: “John Quincy Adams, maybe.” 
Reid: “Maybe John Quincy Adams. True, true, true. Jefferson, Adams, I mean you have to go back literally to the 18th century to find somebody with a more packed resume than Hillary Clinton.” 
— Exchange on MSNBC’s Place for Politics, April 8. 


What’s the Matter With Kids Today? 

“I don’t know what’s going on with women. I have — people my age, contemporaries of Hillary Clinton —  want her to be president and are going to vote for her. The young women I teach at college and I’m teaching the primary season this semester and we’ve been studying this. My young 20-year-olds don’t understand why they should vote for Hillary Clinton....So I don’t know what’s happening, and I don’t know why women don’t think Hillary Clinton ought to be the first female President.”
— Former ABC News journalist Carole Simpson on CNN’s Smerconish, April 9.


The “Warm and Lovely and Authentic” Hillary Clinton

“I know you, and I find you so warm and lovely and authentic. And yet, there are people out there who have this idea that you’re not trustworthy, that they don’t like you for some reason. What is that about, in your opinion?” 
— Co-host Joy Behar to Hillary Clinton on ABC’s The View, April 5. 


Sanders Stimulates Chris’s “Erogenous Zone” 

Bernie Sanders campaign chairman Jeff Weaver: “She [Hillary Clinton] has an incredibly impressive resume, no doubt about it. But when you go beyond it, and you look at her support of things like the Iraq War, her support for disastrous trade deals, her support for DOMA, her efforts during the 2008 race to keep the Governor of New York from giving drivers licenses to undocumented workers, when you look at these things over and over again, there’s more there than just the resume.” 
Host Chris Matthews: “Well, there’s an amazing number of things you mentioned I have to agree with you and your candidate on, as you know. You know my erogenous zone, you’re hitting it.”
— Exchange on MSNBC’s Hardball, April 11. 


Cuomo to Sanders: “Thousands of Young People Shouting Your Name” 

“The message matters, but so does the man. Bernie Sanders is from Brooklyn. To be in Washington Square Park, which I know you came to and came through as a kid, as a be here tonight with tens of thousands of young people shouting your name, believing in you, what does it mean, from where you came from and where you are tonight in the same place?”
— CNN’s Chris Cuomo to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on New Day, April 14. 


Bashing Trump’s Liberalism Makes Cruz “Anti-Semitic” 

“Remember what Ted Cruz said. He said New York values are about money and they’re about the media. That’s an anti-Semitic trope from a hundred years. It’s been around for a very long time. Everyone in New York, everyone in the whole country understands what he was saying, and that’s a big problem once you get to New York, not just among Jewish voters, but among people who don’t appreciate those kinds of stereotypes. Trump is going to hammer away on it. Cruz can try to explain it away, but you can’t explain what you said when its meaning is obvious.”
— CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on The Situation Room, April 7. 

“I think that he is going to get routed in New York and deservedly so. Aside from the stinking, anti-Semitic implications that I see in that whole New York values, money and media coded message that he put out there, pandering to those Iowa voters.” 
— Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera on The O’Reilly Factor, April 7. 


Cheering on Newspaper’s Vulgar Cruz Bashing

“Take the F U Train, Ted!”
“We got your New York values right here, pal! Sen. Ted Cruz received a zero’s welcome in the Bronx Wednesday in response to his recent crack about Donald Trump embodying a New York mindset. And his anti-immigrant stance. And his divisive politics. And his anti-union remarks. And his...”
— Headline and text box on the front page of the April 7 New York Daily News. (Ellipses in original.)

“Ted Cruz received a cold, cold welcome when his campaign rolled here into New York City. Page one of this morning’s Daily News says it all, I guess.” 
CBS This Morning’s Gayle King, April 7.  

“It’s going to be a bruising next 12 days as these candidates get the New York tabloid treatment. They didn’t wait long, here it is, the pulse of the city right out of the gates right now from this morning’s Daily News, ‘Take the [pauses] Train, Ted!’ as you can see colorfully as only New York tabloids can do it.”
— Reporter Peter Alexander on NBC’s Today, April 7.     

“They’re giving him helpful subway directions about how to get out of the Bronx.”
— Co-host Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s New Day, April 7.


MSNBC’s Idea of “Breaking News”

“Breaking News: Protester: Cruz Is ‘Right-Wing Bigot.’” 
— MSNBC’s on-screen graphic during a report on a protester yelling at Ted Cruz in the 1pm ET hour, April 6. 


Trump Just Another Racist Like Reagan and Bush

“What propelled him [Donald Trump] to the fore was his support of the birther meme. That’s it. And he’s challenging a sitting President’s legitimacy by challenging the notion of where he was born, knowing full well it was nonsense....Isn’t it just a switch in tone? We have a party that has been using the racial dog whistle since at least the Southern Strategy moment of the Nixon campaign....George H.W. Bush, however admired by Barack Obama in foreign affairs, employed Lee Atwater to use racist memes in his political campaigns. Ronald Reagan, who is practically deified by not only the Republican Party but across the political spectrum, opens a campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and talks about the greatness of states’ rights, which is another kind of dog whistle. Now, you have a different kind of demagogue. He doesn’t use the dog whistle, he uses the klaxon, the bullhorn.” 
New Yorker editor David Remnick on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, April 3.     


Racist Republicans Running “Segregated Campaigns”

“Trump and Cruz are running segregated campaigns. They’re not campaigning to the rest of us....They’re not campaigning to my community or other communities.” 
— PBS host Tavis Smiley on CNN Newsroom, April 7.


Desperately Trying to Resurrect a GOP War on Women

“But you said there are legitimate and constitutional restrictions that could be put on abortion. What are they?” 
“If you believe that abortion is the taking of innocent life, why shouldn’t a woman who makes the choice to take that life face some kind of punishment or sanctions?”
“Even if it follows that it is a woman is making the choice to take a life?”
“Do you believe doctors who perform abortions should be punished?”
“So, you’re not going to take any position on doctors facing punishment?”
— Questions from ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos to John Kasich, April 3.


Worrying About That Dreaded Conservative Media Bias

CBS’s co-Host Charlie Rose: “Do you believe there’s a right-wing bias at Fox?” 
Fox News’s Megyn Kelly: “I don’t.” 
Rose: “A conservative bias at Fox?” 
Kelly: “No I don’t. I think Fox News is fair and balanced. The conservatives who are on air here make no bones about their ideology.” 
— Exchange on the April 3 CBS Sunday Morning.


Fictional Liberal Endorses Real Liberal

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Hillary would be President Bartlett’s choice. She’s — nobody is more prepared to take that position on day one. So there’s no doubt in my mind. I know this may be controversial. But yes, on behalf of Jed Bartlett, I want to endorse Hillary Clinton.” 
— Ex-West Wing Star Bradley Whitford appearing on MSNBC in the 10am ET hour to explain who the fictional president on that show would support in 2016, April 5. 


ObamaCare Problems? Never Heard of That

Senator Ted Cruz: “I’ll fight with every breath in my body to stop the disaster that is ObamaCare, that is killing jobs all across this country.” 
Host Jimmy Kimmel: “Is that really a disaster? Because it just doesn’t feel like it is. I’ve not heard one story from a person I know that indicates — the word disaster is a strong word to use.”
— Exchange on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, March 30. 


Comparing Ted Cruz to a Sex Criminal

“So we all know you’re not happy with your choices right now, but it’s getting near closing time, and you’re going to have to go home with one of them. Either Ted Cruz — a man with all the appeal of Jared from Subway, minus the inspiring weight loss story — or Donald Trump, the zombie candidate.” 
— HBO host Bill Maher on Real Time, comparing Cruz to disgraced ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle who was convicted of having sex with a minor, April 8.    


It’s Come to This: Raise Your Cats to Be “Gender Neutral”

“I decided to raise my cats to be gender neutral. The cats’ lives wouldn’t change, I reasoned, and it would help me learn to use plural pronouns for my friends, neighbors and colleagues who individually go by they, their and them....People are coming to understand that not all of us fit into the ‘girl’ box or the ‘boy’ box. Those who don’t are claiming space to be who they are. We all need to find ways to acknowledge and respect that. My way of respecting it just happens to be raising my cats gender neutral.” 
— Lauren R. Taylor writing in an April 5 blog for

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