MSNBC Hypes Its Own Website That Shills for Democrats

MSNBC's "women in politics" web page almost exclusively promotes Democratic candidates and the cable network is now shilling for the site with cable ads. With peppy, upbeat music, the ad featured liberals politicians such as Wendy Davis, Alex Sink, Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi and MSNBC cable hosts like Melissa Harris Perry. [See video of the commercial below. MP3 audio here.] 

The cable channel's website looks more like something out of a Democratic National Committee production. Headlines include: "Lucy Flores, 21st century Democrat," "Grimes goes after McConnell's 'empty head," "Grimes receives big boost from Clinton" and "Wendy Davis 'a remarkable mom,' say daughters." 

Another headline touts, "Elizabeth Warren backs Natalie Tennant in another big Senate race." An info graphic on the site showcases Alison Grimes's "record" fund-raising total: 

Finally, far down the page, the site blandly notices a Republican woman: "Paul Ryan hits the campaign trail for Shelley Moore Capito." 

In January of 2014, the Media Research Center's Jeffrey Meyer found that 32 of 36 of's "women to watch" were Democrats. 

A transcript of the MSNBC ad is below: 


TEXAS STATE SENATOR LETICIA VAN DE PUTTE: To leave women out is to leave, is to leave, not only that brain power out, but perspective. 

MELISSA HARRIS PERRY: We actually have to recruit women into the process. 

UNIDENTIFIED: A call to action, not because it's what America can do for women, but what women can do for America. 

ANNOUNCER: Explore, watch, join in and speak out.  

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