Liberal Hollywood Nominates Obama Infomercial for Emmy Award

Want to be nominated for an Emmy? Just get Barack Obama on your show. The internet show Between Two Ferns was honored on Thursday for the category "Outstanding Short-Format." The six and a half minute episode featured the President joking with host/actor Zach Galifianakis as he promoted ObamaCare. According to the Washington Post, it would be the third award connected to the President.  

Post writer Veronica Toney explained, "President Obama has already won two Grammy Awards for best spoken word album for 2008's 'The Audacity of Hope”  and 2006's 'Dreams from My Father.'” In March, the networks swooned over Obama's appearance with Galifianakis. 

NBC's Carson Daly gushed that it was "really, really funny" and "amazing." Good Morning America's Lara Spencer praised the "incredible face-to-face interview just released that's got us all laughing." 

On July 25, 2012, Good Morning America featured Galifianakis to rail against money in politics.  

If a show connected to Obama wins an Emmy, combined with his Grammy awards, how will Hollywood find a way to award him an Oscar? 

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