'Red Dawn' Director Assails Liberal Critics: 'They Are the Fascists'

June 7th, 2014 12:01 PM

Milius, a 2013 documentary on conservative filmmaker John Milius, profiles the director and his long career of rebelling against liberal Hollywood. At the center of the film, which recently premiered on Netflix streaming, is an analysis of his 1984 movie Red Dawn. It featured armed teenagers fighting back against a Russian invasion of America. 

Reflecting on Red Dawn, Milius attacked his liberal critics: "That was the point where they said, 'He's gone too far. Now we've got to shut him down.'" Discussing the reaction to the movie from film critics, Milius mocked, "'[Then-New York Times writer] Pauline Kael told us he was a fascist. He's genuinely a right-wing character.' I am not a fascist. I am a total man of the people. They are the fascists.'" 

Actor Darren Dalton recounted how Red Dawn impacted his career: 

DARREN DALTON: I took a lot of heat after the movie. I remember one director -- I don't remember his name -- I came in for a reading for a movie, maybe a year or two afterwards. He said, "I see you were in Red Dawn. Red Dawn. Why would you do a movie like Red Dawn?" 

Milius is friendly with many liberals in Hollywood, including Oliver Stone. Interviewed for the movie, the notoriously left-wing director opined: 

OLIVER STONE: I love John. I love his character. There's a wonderful side to him. But I would never for one second think that he has any sense of reality. It's funny, probably, for me to say that to you...He's a cartoon when it comes to politics. There's no progress to his thinking.

Oliver Stone, the man known to support numerous conspiracy theories thinks someone else is not in touch with "reality?"

Asked about a liberal bias in the industry, movie star Sylvester Stallone agreed: "There is definitely a preference, a political preference in Hollywood. And I think if you are a little outspoken like John, it can backfire on you." 

In fact, Milius claims he was blacklisted after Red Dawn. It was five years after the 1984 movie before he directed again (1989's Farewell to the King). 

Asked to comment on Milius's political beliefs, George Lucas hesitantly responded, "I know John the person and he's sweet, lovable, wonderful, honest, very loyal. Great guy. And then he's created this persona." 

Red Dawn star Charlie Sheen summed up his opinions of Milius, swearing, "I f*****g love this guy." 

The famous director is an NRA-supporting conservative and the film is a fascinating look back at this talented man and his struggles with Hollywood. Milius is available on Netflix streaming and on Amazon