Liberal Nightline to Lose Host Terry Moran; Once-Prestigious Program Recently Profiled Rapper Lil' Poopy

June 19th, 2013 12:26 PM

Terry Moran, co-host of the liberal Nightline, will be leaving the show this summer, according to TV Newser. The program, which lost half its audience since being demoted to 12:35 at night, has downplayed and minimized Barack Obama recent scandals in favor of superficial, light-weight segments.

Moran has relegated much of his serious journalism to Twitter. On May 10, the reporter used the social media site to question the Obama administration's "Nixonian abuse of power" in the wake of the IRS scandal. On May 11, his program ignored the breaking story. By May 15, the show had allowed a scant 28 seconds to the topic. While Moran tweeted away on the IRS controversy and Benghazi, his show covered the latest on plastic surgery and other topics. On Monday night, Nightline featured a story on ten-year-old rapper Lil' Poopy.

An article on Nightline's website worried, "Should Lil' Poopy, Rap's Latest Kid Sensation, Be in Da Club at Age 10?"

On a related note, co-anchor Bill Weir told the AP: "It sounds corny, but everyone here believes that a real democracy depends on real journalism and the ‘Nightline’ legacy is a precious thing worth fighting for."

How, exactly, does Lil' Poopy fit into "real journalism?"

Moran will leave Nightline for London later this summer. He will become ABC's chief foreign correspondent.

Perhaps Moran's most famous example of liberal bias occurred in February of 2009. The journalist declared that the presidency was a "step down" for Barack Obama and compared the Democrat to George Washington.