Still Hyping: ABC Now Touts ObamaCare's Banning of 'Discrimination Against Transgendered'

ABC News is missing no avenue in its promotion of ObamaCare. The liberal network's website trumpeted the news that, under the President's health care law, "it is against the law to discriminate against transgender and LGBT patients in federally funded healthcare programs."

Writer Susan Donaldson James offered several sympathetic stories of individuals who, previously, struggled to be receive treatment after undergoing sex change operations. Ms. Donaldson James promoted the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and their study "Injustice at Every Turn." The author insisted that the group "paints a bleak picture of life as a transgender person in the United States. It revealed harassment in education, employment, housing and health care, as well as in the government and prison systems."

Donaldson James featured no critics of the law or wondered about its expense. Instead, she touted:

As for the new healthcare law and its ban on sex discrimination, Kallio said the clarification for transgender people is "a huge event."

"It is very important to me and other people that we don't face those kinds of obstacles," he said. "I am medically savvy with a medical background, white and speak English. If I have every advantage, it doesn't bode well for other people."

This is rather unsurprising. A study by the Business and Media Institute (part of the Media Research Center) found ABC to the worst offender in terms of providing balanced coverage about ObamaCare:

ABC the Worst: Universal-coverage proponent Dr. Tim Johnson and his blatant support for Obama’s health care plans made ABC’s coverage easily the worst of the three networks. Johnson, who had called the Clintons “almost heroes in my mind” after attempting to reform health care, is ABC’s “expert on health care reform” according to Diane Sawyer. Johnson even praised Obama as “right on target” for reaching out to doctors in Chicago June 15. 

The study, done in 2010, found that only nine percent of stories on the President's plan focused on cost.

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