Rachel Maddow Huffs: GOPers Skip My Show Because It's 'Unimpeachable in the Facts'

According to Rachel Maddow, Republicans skip her MSNBC show because she is so insistent on being "unimpeachable in the facts." In a brief interview for the March 2 Entertainment Weekly, the liberal anchor huffed about her personal integrity.

Maddow insisted she'd "love" to host a Republican presidential debate, but cautioned, "[On my show] our responsibility is to be unimpeachable in the facts, and then to be honest about when we are giving our opinion."

She piously added, "We don't fake objectivity on cable. We tell you where we're coming from, but that doesn't mean we lie or twist the facts."

Of course, Maddow has repeatedly been caught "twisting the facts." In February of 2011, she proclaimed that, contrary to what Republicans are saying, Wisconsin actually had a budget surplus. Politifact found this to be "false."

On August 4, 2011, Maddow misleadingly played a joking clip of Rush Limbaugh, attacking the conservative for something he said "yesterday." Turns out, it was a year old.

In the March 2 issue, Maddow knocked the Republicans for trying to fool Americans into thinking they disagree with each other:

It has been hard to judge whether or not Republican primary voters have been politically driven or style-driven. I think there are not very many policy distinctions between these candidates. But when they go after each other with negative campaigns, they are trying to make it seem there are differences.

What serious political differences did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have with each other in 2008?

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