Networks Ignore Story of Canadian Baby Saved From Government-Run Health Care

The network newscasts and morning shows have thus far ignored the story of Joseph Maraachli, a Canadian baby who was set to have his life support removed. Only Fox News has covered the dramatic transfer of the child on Monday to an American hospital for treatment.

The child suffers from a neurological disease and is in a vegetative state. According to Fox News, "Doctors in Canada said the illness is irreversible and wanted to remove the breathing tube. His parents appealed to Canadian courts, but the hospital's decision was upheld."    

Fox News explained:

Priests for Life says it represents a family of ministries that "reach and enrich every aspect of the pro-life movement," according to its website. The group has been strong advocates for the boy's release and critical of his treatment in Canada.

"The medical board overseeing his case is apparently convinced that giving proper care to 'Baby Joseph' is futile," the website reads. "They don’t mean that the medical care won’t help him. They mean his life in its current condition isn’t worth the trouble."

Maraachli's case has been covered on a number of FNC programs, including America Live and Fox and Friends. Yet, a Nexis search reveals not a mention of the case on CBS, NBC or ABC.

Considering the glee journalists took in mocking Sarah Palin's comments about "death panel," it seems only fair that they would cover this story. 

Good Morning America found time to devote three segments this week on the case of Jenn Sterger and her sexting allegations against Brett Farve. For two straight days, NBC's Today looked into a Lifetime movie on the lives of Prince William and his fiancee. CBS's Early Show also spent time on the royal wedding. 

On April 22, 2007, GMA glossed over the health care implications of a Canadian mom who had to be flown 300 miles to Montana to give birth. Anchor Chris Cuomo failed to wonder why "every neo-natal unit in their country was too crowded to handle four preemie births."

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