Chris Matthews Slams '300 Plus' Pounds Chris Christie, Too Fat to be President

Hardball host Chris Matthews appeared at a local event in Washington D.C. on Thursday to trash Republican Chris Christie as too fat to be President. The Washington Examiner reported that Matthews derided the New Jersey governor, mocking, "Chris Christie is moon over New Jersey, he should not wear white shirts, I tell you that."

He continued, "I saw him the other day and I was amazed by it, he must be 300 plus, and that’s something he’s just gotta deal with because you’re not going to say, ‘I’m going to cut the budget,’ well, how about starting with supper?"

Matthews, who appeared at the WMAL radio event, continued to cheer for the man who gave him a thrill up his leg. Lobbying for more time, he insisted, "Shouldn’t this President be given another year before you dismiss him? Give him another year in the presidency before you begin to try to destroy him."

The MSNBC anchor added, "I think we should give him another year. I’d give him two more years, but I’m not the country. I think we ought to give this guy more chance before we get into pure partisanship

On Thursday, the MRC's Tim Graham wrote about Matthews' appearance at the Georgetown Ritz Carlton and the bizarre comment that "'Hardball' is absolutely nonpartisan."

The cable host on the 2012 Republican contenders:

There’s not going to be a great Republican candidate for President in 2012 from I can see. I don’t see a great one looming right there right now. So, if you’re an American and you care about the country, do you really now want to begin rooting for the Republican candidate no matter who it is – because there’s a couple of them running who wouldn’t be great Presidents.

Continuing to riff on various MSNBC guests, Matthews lauded Newsweek's Howard Fineman as "my Spock."

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