Are The View Producers Muzzling Conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck While Allowing Joy Behar Free Rein?

On June 15, 2010, View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck declined to fight with lefist comedienne Kathy Griffin, who was appearing on that day's show. This despite the fact that the entertainer had previously had previously slammed the conservative as a "f—ing Survivor reject."

Hasselbeck demurred, "It's cool, we're cool." The host remained quiet, even as Griffin taunted her by mocking, "Bring it." 

Yet, on July 15, 2010, liberal Joy Behar showed no such restraint with conservative radio star Laura Ingraham, promoting her new book, The Obama Diaries. The two got into a heated discussion over whether wearing a burqa in society is acceptable. Behar lectured, "Then all religions subjugate women."

Earlier in the show, Behar responded to a Ingraham joke by proclaiming, "I don't want anybody to think you know me."

A transcript of the two exchanges can be found below:

July 14, 2010

JOY BEHAR: You know what? I think it’s so wrong to do that to people. People really want their religious freedom, whether their Muslim, Jewish or Christian. And they should be allowed to wear a cross, and a star, and a burqa if they have to.

LAURA INGRAHAM: But that’s different from covering your whole face, Joy.

BEHAR: Why, why? That’s what they do!

INGRAHAM: Why does grandma have to undo her walker at the TSA line at the airport but someone could go through fully covered up with just slits for their eyes? That’s the point of subjugation. You’re for women.

BEHAR: I’m not sure they should go through security that way. They’re talking about people just walking around.

INGRAHAM: Public places. Yes, yes. Public places. We go into airports.

BEHAR: But they’re also saying it’s against women, that is subjugates women.

INGRAHAM: It is subjugating to women.

BEHAR: Then all religions subjugate women.

INGRAHAM: Oh, that’s a crock. That is ridiculous.

BEHAR: Are you kidding me?

INGRAHAM: Lump every religion together and every facet of every religion together. I’m sorry, I wear a cross. This does not subjugate, okay? This is liberating.

BEHAR: No women priests are allowed in the priesthood, for example.


INGRAHAM: Okay, notice how this has become an indictment for the Catholic Church. Why are you clapping for that?

BEHAR: Wait a second. In a Jewish synagogue, the women, in orthodox, have to sit upstairs, they’re not allowed on the floor with the men. They have to wear a schriedel (sc?) to cover their heads. I mean, every religion has something.

June 15, 2010

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: You’ve said things about people here that are a) untrue and b) not so funny. So do you ever feel weird like then coming here and saying, sitting here, you know, promoting things.

KATHY GRIFFIN: Actually this moment is what I live for so bring it.

HASSELBECK: I know. I know.


HASSELBECK: Sadly, I have a debate in my head whether feeding your curious fire there.

GRIFFIN: This is how I write my act.

HASSELBECK: It’s cool, we’re cool.

GRIFFIN: I’m cool if you’re cool. I think it’s all for a joke.

HASSELBECK: It’s all cool.

GRIFFIN: Is there anything else you’d like to say, Elisabeth? Because this is just getting good.

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