ABC: Crooks Bilk Hospitals to Protest State of Health Insurance

August 15th, 2007 12:40 PM

According to ABC’s John Berman, one reason that crooks in Texas have been bilking hospitals out of money is because they’re "fed up" with the health care system. During a segment on Wednesday’s "Good Morning America," the correspondent filed a report on successful, financially stable individuals who pretend to be poor in order to avoid paying their health insurance related hospital fees. Berman couldn’t help but give their actions a political motive:

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John Berman: "As egregious as this sounds, it may be another example of how fed up people are with the health care system. One survey found one in ten people believe it's okay to submit false claims or collect when you don't deserve it."

Now, keep in mind, these are not destitute individuals stealing bread to feed their starving families. As Berman pointed out in his August 15 story, the people accused include successful businessmen and women, an owner of a chain of Subway restaurants is but one example. One couple is in the process of paying back $46,000 in medical costs stolen from Parkland Memorial Hospital. Berman himself called them "liars preying on charity." So, perhaps, these individuals didn't commit their crimes as a way of protesting the American health care system.

GMA viewers shouldn’t be surprised at liberal bias slipping into odd segments. In April, the program’s medical expert, Dr. Tim Johnson, praised the universal health care program of Senator Ted Kennedy. The Business and Media Institute has also covered ABC’s slanted take on health care.