Contessa Brewer: Bible = Prop

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer really has something against the Bible. Or maybe it’s just a convenient way for her to paint conservatives as nuts for her liberal viewers.

During an August 3 interview with Politico’s Josh Kraushaar about the anti-ObamaCare protests occurring in town hall meetings across the country, the anchor took two opportunities to portray the Bible negatively.

To Brewer, these disruptions could only come from the crazy right-wing fringe. “You know, I do get the – that there are some people out there who are far out. If you’re at a forum on health care, and somebody’s holding up a Bible and saying it’s the only truth, you have to wonder what does that contribute to how we get health care for all people?”

Yes, you have to be pretty “far out” not to buy the “health care for all people” line. But as a student of history, Brewer understands that democracy can sometimes lead to unpleasant scenes.

“… On the other hand, Josh I think back, and from what I’ve read about the way our Founding Fathers came up with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and even deciding whether to revolt against the British, a lot of that was done with a lot of anger and a lot of shouting in closed rooms.”

Still, the kooks shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way of progress, and Brewer offered her a solution to lessen the disruptions.

“Well, maybe the thing to do is to preempt” she said. “If you see someone walking in with a prop – a birth certificate, say, or a Bible – then maybe you preempt it and go, ‘What are you here to accomplish? What’s your goal?’ And then let’s go from there.”

Even better, why not make the Christians wear a red “C” or a yellow cross so they’re easy to identify?

In calling the Bible a prop, Contessa Brewer used it as a cudgel against citizens who dare question the socialization of their health care.

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