And the Emmy Goes to … Perez?

For once, Perez Hilton blogged something that everyone can agree with: “We are still in shock.” Hilton, a celebrity blogger and gay activist known for outlandish statements, is on the Emmy ballot after being nominated by Oxygen in the Best Host of a Reality Competition category for hosting the “The Bad Girls Club” season three reunion.

In truth, it’s easy to see why Hilton would excel hosting a show as trashy and frivolus as “The Bad Girls Club.” It’s a reality show in which seven self described “bad girls” live together in a mansion. Season three was described as taking, “bad behavior to the next level with a cast of young women who are independent, spirited, and endlessly entertaining.” After the final episode, all of the girls were brought back together for a reunion hosted by Hilton, which was basically a set up for the girls to attack each other with Hilton supposedly moderating.

Hilton eloquently stated, “I can’t believe you b**** made it on tv.” He later told one of the bad girls, “You’ve got nice tits.” Meanwhile, the bad girls attack each other, calling each other “b****.” At one point the subheading even reads, “Who’s the blackest girl in the house?” as two of the girls threw insults back at each other so full of “bleeps” that it was difficult to distinguish what exactly they were saying.

 That doesn’t sound like quality television worth receiving an Emmy nomination. But even if “The Bad Girls Club” had been of a higher caliber, Hilton’s past actions should have made Oxygen think twice about nominating him for an Emmy. On NBC’s “Today,” he used the interview as an opportunity to tell conservative author Ann Coulter, “Ann Coulter, if you’re watching, bite me!

He called Miss California Carrie Prejean a “dumb b****” after she stood up for her beliefs against same-sex marriage. But, in his defense, he really wanted to call her a “c***” so at least he refrained from that. (See above video.) Even Hilton’s response to his nomination couldn’t be without profanity. “Holy sh**balls.” Classy.

Is this really the best of television? Let’s just hope that’s one acceptance speech we don’t have to hear.

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