Urban Outfitters Selling Pro-Obama, Anti-Romney Shirts

Already known for controversial clothing designs and offensive messages, Urban Outfitters has upped the ante during this contentious election season. Making no attempt to appeal to more of a wide-ranging clientele, the clothing store has prioritized partisan politics above its bottom line.
When you peruse Urban Outfitters's inventory of politically-related T-shirts, almost a couple dozen show up. Some stand out more than others. For instance, there's one that boldly states, "Mitt Romney Hates Puppies" or "Romney Can't Dunk". At a pricey $34, you too can purchase a simplistic white T-shirt that asks, "Who The F**k Is Mitt Romney?"

Another design encourages all who see it to "Remember Seamus," Romney's long-dead dog that has become a liberal rallying cry. One could even mock conservatives in general with a "GOP, LOL" shirt.

On the other hand, to the extent T-shirts from the clothing company mention him. President Obama is portrayed as the cool and hip option. No profanity, no negativity, just friendly reminders of his celebrity status. One features the president kneeling on top of his desk in the Oval Office, "Tebowing" if you will. Another states, "99 Problems, But Mitt Ain't One."

And for the ladies who want to get in touch with their inner Lena Dunham, there's a $30 sleeveless top that declares "Barack Yo Body".



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