Bee Gives Softball Interview to Omar, Fantasizes About Joining 'The Squad'

October 3rd, 2019 10:35 PM

During Wednesday’s Full Frontal, TBS host Samantha Bee conducted what was not surprisingly softball interview with Congresswoman and so-called “Squad” member Ilhan Omar (D-MN), which included Bee fantasizing about joining “the Squad.”

As she walked with Omar on Capitol Hill prior to conducting the interview, a visibly starstruck Bee was caught by surprise by an unexpected appearance from Omar’s fellow “Squad” member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Bee repeatedly chanted “OMG” as Ocasio-Cortez’s entry was slowed down for dramatic effect. After hugging Ocasio-Cortez, Bee declared that she was “officially part of the Squad” and switched out a group photo in Omar’s office with a photoshopped picture featuring her posing with them.



Bee began the Omar interview by asking: “Did you know that when you were a little girl that one day, you would grow up to impeach a sitting President?” When Omar indicated she took no joy in impeaching the President, Bee responded: “I’m glad you are not taking joy in it. I, always so happy when I think that Don Jr’s upset.” Omar agreed that upsetting the President’s eldest son “does slightly make me happy.”

The love fest continued as Bee once again sucked up by referring to them as “my Squad,” adding that she is now “totes a part of” it. In an effort to demonstrate her membership,  Bee edited a tweet of President Trump referring to “AOC plus 3” by inserting the words “plus Sam.”

Omar made it perfectly clear that she relishes the group's favorable coverage in the liberal media because, according to her: “We’re very comfortable in being the hero in every story. We are not comfortable any time somebody reminds us we have been a villain and it is my job to make sure that we can end this story as a hero.”

Later, Omar talked about how her family told her “it’s hard to hate up close.” At this point, Bee quipped that “it’s important not to get too close to Stephen Miller, though, if you do not want that.” Bee likely enjoyed when Omar called Miller a “white supremacist,” but did not appear thrilled when Omar suggested that people like Miller “could use, I think, some light, some love, some joy in their life.”

Those who’ve watched Bee’s show over the past several weeks could have already made the conclusion that Bee would fit at home with “the Squad.”

After all, she has used her platform to advocate for far-left policy positions including student loan forgiveness, gun control, “reproductive justice,” and abolishing the Electoral College. For all the talk about Fox News serving as “state television” for the Trump administration, it seems like Bee’s “comedy” show serves as nothing more than the propaganda arm of “the Squad.”

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A transcript of the relevant portion of Wednesday’s Full Frontal is below. Click “expand” to read more.

TBS's Full Frontal With Samantha Bee


10:49 PM

SAMANTHA BEE: Welcome back to the show. Well, some news outlets seem to have completely forgotten who was leading the impeachment charge. Oh wait, let me fix that for you. Much better. I wanted to go and talk to one of the real leaders on impeachment so I traveled to Washington and sat down with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.


BEE: This last week of news has felt like a decade and between the impeachment inquiry, the whistleblower drama, and J-Lo’s performance in “Hustlers,” I am feeling overstimulated. In an effort to find a place of calm in this political shit storm, I went to D.C. to sit down with congresswoman Omar, A.K.A., the President’s enemy number one and member of the…OMG, OMG, is that…


BEE: Okay, be cool, be normal, Samantha.

REP. ILHAN OMAR: Hey girl, how’s it going?



OMAR: Come on.

BEE: Thank you.

BEE: Now that I’m officially part of “the Squad,” this looks nice here. Here’s Representative Omar talking about something she was calling for long before it was on Vogue, impeachment. Did you know when you were a little girl that one day you would grow up to impeach a sitting President?

REP. ILHAN OMAR: No, a lot of people think that we would take joy in impeaching this President because we don’t like him but we take joy in making sure that when we say we are going to protect the rule of law, that the American people know that we are serious about that.

BEE: Well, I’m glad that you are not taking joy in it. I, however, I just…am always so happy when I think that Don Jr’s upset.

OMAR: That does slightly make me happy.


BEE: And Trump has already found a way to deflect impeachment by making it about my Squad, which I am totes a part of.


BEE: Why do you think that the President focuses so much on you?

OMAR: I mean, I think he’s terrified by any women who are practicing shine theory, who have each other’s back but I think for me he is terrified by the fact that I sit on the intersectionality of many identities that he really despises…a woman, an immigrant, Muslim, refugee, and hijabi in one beautiful package.

BEE: Oh, yes. He’s also terrified of sharks, stairs and books. So, there’s this.


OMAR: That’s excellent.

BEE: Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Trump’s not the only one who uses the Congresswoman to justify his own ends. It’s the entire Republican Party and Fox News. What’s it like to live as a woman who is perpetually taken out of context?

OMAR: I don’t really care that much because I know that the people who are actively working to take me out of context are just vilifying and dismissing my voice anyway. The fact that I live rent-free in their head doesn’t mean that they get to live rent-free in mine so…

BEE: Interesting. I just scream into jars. This one’s from 2017. Here. I brought you one. That’s my gift to you. Just go like this.



BEE: Capture it and you put it on a shelf. All right. But instead of yelling into jars, Representative Omar is doing work. She’s trying to end our drone wars, getting us to stop supporting dictators, and speaking out about how we aren’t taking refugees in. You know, audaciously suggesting that American actions be in line with American morals. L.O.L.

OMAR: You know, we’re very comfortable in being the hero in every story. We are not comfortable any time somebody reminds us we have been a villain and it is my job to make sure that we can end this story as a hero.

BEE: Why is that important to you?

OMAR: I mean, I escaped war at the age of eight, lived in a refugee camp for four years. I know what destruction looks like. Now I’m a member of Congress. I am, in so many ways, the American story.


BEE: What a great movie that would be. I wonder which white person they’ll cast to play the hero.


OMAR: Maybe Dakota Fanning.

BEE: She’d be great. Oh, and this isn’t even one of the top ten worst things that’s happened this year. How are we going to unstink America?

OMAR: You know, conversations, right. My family has always said, you know, it’s hard to hate up close.

BEE: It’s important not to get too close to Stephen Miller, though, if you do not want that.

OMAR: I mean, I still think there is rehabilitation that could be possible for white supremacists like Stephen Miller.

BEE: Okay.

OMAR: They could use, I think, some light, some love, some joy in their life.

BEE: Blink once if you mean that. Blink twice if you don’t.


BEE: Wow.


BEE: Now you’re just blinking because you have to blink? Blinking aside, what are we fighting for right now? What’s at stake in 2020?

OMAR: We’re fighting for the soul of our country; for the values of equality, of pluralism, of religious liberty, you know, the values that my grandfather was excited about and talked about when we lived in the refugee camp and we need a President who can live up to that.

BEE: Okay. I have you down for not Biden.

OMAR: Definitely not Biden.


BEE: We’ll be right back.