Carr Highlights Media's Lack of Interest in Attack on MAGA Hat Wearer

February 27th, 2019 7:52 PM

This week, an illegal immigrant was taken into custody and detained by ICE after attacking a person in a Make America Great Again hat inside a Massachusetts bar on February 15. So on Tuesday, Tucker Carlson brought it up on his show with Massachusetts radio host Howie Carr, who asserted that, needless to say, the media coverage has been inadequate because it “doesn’t fit the narrative.”

The encounter, which was caught on video, took place at a Mexican restaurant in Falmouth, Massachusetts and the alleged perpetrator, Rosiane Santos, has been in the country illegally since “she overstayed a tourist visa back in 1994,” according to Carlson. An ICE spokesman described Santos as “an unlawfully present citizen of Brazil.”



Carlson described the attack as “the perfect story” but Carr disagreed: “It doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s an American citizen being attacked by a woman who turns out to be an illegal alien by her own admission.”

Carr said he texted the victim, Brayton Turner and joked: “So I guess you’ll be on with Robin Roberts tomorrow on GMA and then you’ll go on with Brooke Baldwin and she can say ‘this is America in 2019.’” The quip about Baldwin referred to a statement she made on January 29's CNN Newsroom when the story about a supposed racially motivated attack by Trump supporters on actor Jussie Smollett first broke.

The longtime talk radio show host had previously described the encounter in Falmouth as a “real hate crime.” At the very least, it was a politically motivated crime directed at the victim specifically because of his political beliefs.

As NewsBusters has previously reported, the media only appear to care about certain types of hate crimes; which almost exclusively depend on the identity of the victim. A NewsBusters study found that the broadcast networks spent 157 minutes on the Smollett story during the first three weeks after the story broke while spending 24 minutes on an actual hate crime directed at an autistic white man in early 2017 and also took place in Chicago.

Later, Carlson concluded that “if they got rid of the few independent voices in media and we’re one and you are one, it would just be a chorus singing the same tune and that’s what they want.” If the “chorus” had its way, no one in America would have any idea about what happened to Bryton Turner.

A transcript of the relevant portion of Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight is below. Click “expand” to read more.

Tucker Carlson Tonight


08:45 p.m. Easter

TUCKER CARLSON: An illegal immigrant has been arrested after assaulting a man for wearing a Make America Great hat, Rosiane Santos flew into a rage when she saw the man with the hat at a restaurant. Her attack was caught on video.  Here it is. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you ready to get out of here?

BRYTON TURNER: That’s…see this right here? This is the problem, ignorant (bleep), ignorant people like this. I’m just trying to sit here and eat a nice meal. You see this? You see this? People like that, that’s the problem. She just tried to grab my hat in front of four officers, not smart. There she is getting cuffed. Have a nice night in the cell, Rosie. 

CARLSON: Well, after the event you just saw, Santo was detained by ICE, which has not yet been banned by Democrats. ICE says she was here illegally and has been for a long time; she overstayed a tourist visa back in 1994. Howie Carr is the voice of New England, a radio show host in the region and he joins us tonight. Howie, this might be the perfect story. 

HOWIE CARR: I would think so, this is a, a, a real hate crime what you just saw, a video involving a MAGA hat. And the only thing…it doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s a, it’s an American citizen being attacked by a woman who turns out to be an illegal alien by her own admission; drunk. She says “what are you doing in this Mexican restaurant wearing a MAGA hat?” And he says “this is America, I can wear this hat wherever I please.” You know, Tucker, you would think this is…this has all of the elements. So I texted him tonight, his name is Bryton Turner. He was preparing for the hoisting exam, you know he’s in the trades, he’s a…you know, he has calluses on his hands. I guess that was triggering to the illegal alien, all this stuff; not just the MAGA hat. And I said, “so I guess you’ll be on with Robin Roberts tomorrow on GMA and then you’ll go on with Brooke Baldwin and she could say ‘this is America in 2019.’” And, you know, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, they are, are they comparing this to a lynching? And you know the old country song, you know, when the phone didn’t ring, he knew it was CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, NBC. Nobody called him. Nobody called him, Tucker, except for one group nationally; well, two groups if you include my radio show. Fox & Friends wants him on. Nobody else called all day long. 

CARLSON: So this is self-serving but I got to be honest. If they got rid of the few independent voices in media and we’re one and you are one. It would just be, you know, a chorus singing the same tone and that’s what they want, trust me. Howie Carr, thank you very much.