CNN Reveals Sarah Palin Fantasies

Obama DoodleCNN, the most trusted name in - doodling?

In a showcase piece of just how far the network has sunk journalistically speaking, they have produced a segment that could only be described as childishly one-sided. The title of the piece - Palin Fantasies Revealed in Doodles.

The reality is that the analysis of these doodles reveals more about CNN's fantasies than anything else. It is a piece so laden with PDS overtones, so bereft of integrity, that one has to wonder how it can possibly be offered up by CNN as news.

Reporter Jeanne Moos compares two doodles, one done by President-elect Barack Obama, and one by Governor Sarah Palin, back when she was running for mayor. She manages to find some people on the street to comment on the two doodles, and the results are incredibly biased toward one side. And guess who gets the positive coverage...

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The Obama doodle received the following comments:

"The guy is intelligent."

"This actually looks done well. Except for the hair, I don't like the hair."

Apparently, a man with yellow hair criticizing Obama's ability to draw hair constitutes a scathing review. That's as bad as it gets for Obama.

The Sarah Palin doodle naturally receives much harsher criticism:

"She's fantasizing about her win. It's me, check this box!" says one woman condescendingly.

"It looks confused and talky. Like she's talking too much."

"It looks like somebody who's in prison who would write, on like, their wall."

To her credit, Moos does show her hard-hitting journalistic style by questioning the woman's use of the word talky. And to the woman's credit, she does educate Moos on the fact that ‘talky' is indeed a word, and defines it for her.

I wonder if a person criticizing Obama's doodles as looking ‘like somebody who's in prison' would go over well.

Moos contributes her own mocking tone in the video, by snidely commenting on some of the slogans Palin was brainstorming about on her doodle. She offers a clear level of sarcasm when displaying Palin's writing, which says:

"Time for a change."

"You would be my boss."

Yea, because we all know how ridiculous a slogan like ‘time for a change' is.

Moos then brings in a handwriting expert who exposes her level of bias without a hitch. On the Obama doodle, CNN's graphologist states:

"He is economical, and clear, and to the point."

Bear in mind that she is analyzing a piece of paper featuring drawings of the faces of some of the most liberal members of the Senate. How she makes an assessment that Obama is economical from this is well beyond my level of understanding. But then, I'm not a graphologist I suppose.

When analyzing the Palin doodle, the graphologist has this to say:

"She's smart, but she's very scattered and all over the place. She wants everyone to recognize her and know who she is. It's like a teenager's writing."

Palin is like a teenager, and Obama is economical? Seems like a fair assessment.

No, it wasn't Palin's fantasies that were revealed in this segment, it was CNN's intellectually devoid ability to present the public with ‘news.'

CNN and Jeanne Moos - like a teenager's reporting.

Photo Credit: CNN

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