BDS Alert - Stone Equates Bush to Hitler

Ah, the good old days. Remember way back when filmmaker Oliver Stone lamented about his even handed portrayal of George W. Bush in his disappointing new hit piece, W?

"I tried to be fair and balanced and compassionate," Stone said. "I don't take sides. I don't take political sides. I'm a dramatist, and this is the movie I've made."

Yes, that was way back on October 12th, barely a week ago.

Now however, it appears being fair and balanced means comparing the President to someone like, say, Adolf Hitler.

Stone is quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying (emphasis mine):

"I tried to understand Nixon, I would try to understand Hitler, I would try to understand Oedipus. I'm not here to make judgments. Downfall is a great movie about Hitler - God, Bruno Ganz may have made Hitler better than he was, I'm sure he did, but you know what? It gave me a little insight into the banality of evil. Bush is the same thing."

Bush is the same thing, eh? Is he banal? Or evil? Or banally evil?

Either way, what Stone is saying is that by studying another film’s role in portraying Hitler, he was able to gain better insight into George Bush.

He then goes on to charge the President with being a mass murderer:

"I've behaved abominably. I don't think I was a monster, but nobody thinks he is," he says, chuckling. "I probably did hurt people, but not in the way of killing, like George Bush did. On a massive scale - which requires a lack of empathy." .

Oliver Stone, best known for wild conspiracy theories and left leaning beliefs involved in his films, honestly believes he has created a heartfelt drama. But how does one go about creating a heartfelt drama, when the main character in the movie is seemingly comparable to the perpetrator of the Holocaust? At least in the Director’s warped mind.

Textbook Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

Textbook BS.

What’s next? Cartoon characters that compare John McCain or Sarah Palin to Hitler?

Photo Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

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