Colmes Says Murtha Was Right About "Cold Blooded Murder"

February 9th, 2007 11:10 PM

Tonight's Hannity and Colmes featured an interview with Col. Oliver North about the media coverage of Iraq and the William Arkin slam against our soldiers.  During the course of the interview, Alan Colmes claimed that Rep. John Murtha was right when Murtha accused our Marines of killing innocent civilians in Haditha in cold blood. Col. North immediately reminded Colmes that the Marines had yet to face a trial therefore they were innocent until proven guilty. Colmes replied "there were confessions". 

Here's my personal transcript of that portion of the interview...

Colmes: Murtha turned out to have correct information. Dick Durbin was talking about treatment gitmo specifically.

Col North: Alan, let's deal with these one at a time.

Alan: We don't have a lot of time but let's deal with them.

Col. North: There is no proof of what Mr. Murtha said because those trials have not taken place yet. And you believe, as i do.

Colmes: There have been convictions.

Col. North: Innocent until proven guilty.

Colmes: There have been confessions

Colmes was grossly mistaken.  There have been no confessions from any of the Marines accused in the Haditha incident.  There has yet to be a hearing for these Marines ergo no convictions. Like all American citizens, the Marines are innocent until proven guilty. 

Colmes owes these Marines an apology and an on-air correction. John Murtha and the media have done their best to convict these Marines in the court of public opinion.  Our soldiers deserve so much better than this.