WHAT ALEX SAID--And Why We Should Listen

          I’m sick of always saying "my Muslim contact," so from now on I will refer to him as “Alex.”  It’s vague enough to keep him protected from the wrath of Islam, and given what he continues to tell the non-Islam world about Islam intentions, he needs protecting.


            Alex doesn’t live in America.  His observations come from a childhood raised in Islam, carefully studying us from a distant vantage point and applying a genius-level IQ to define what he sees; and what he sees is a nation on the brink, and an enemy ready to shove.


            Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to discuss many topics affecting America and the world in general.  Why the urgency from a man who isn’t even American?  Because as Alex put it, “America has to remain the dominant power in the world; otherwise it will be run by Islam and Communism, and freedom will only be a memory.”  His analysis of what is so right about America—its passionate defense of world freedom—was right on the nose.  As you will see, his caveats for America and the world are too.


AMERICA’S BORDERS:  America is being diluted by people who are lazy and dumbing her down.  They aren’t coming to you with anything to add, only everything to take.  You have absolutely no control over who enters and who doesn’t, so you can’t tell if someone will be an asset or a liability to you.  You say illegal immigration is against the law, but you keep giving amnesty to these criminals and do nothing to secure your borders.  Recent events have made it undeniably clear that there are people out there who will stop at nothing to destroy you, yet you seem to apologize for defending yourself.  You spend billions each year on printing government documents in both Spanish and English, in spite of having voted yourself an English speaking nation.  No one else does that; why do you?  Since when does the minority of the people call all of the shots?  What happened to majority rule?  There are already schools in southwest America that teach all subjects in Spanish.  The number one need within any nation is the ability to communicate.  You are shooting yourself in the foot.  You need to close your borders, seal them off, capture all illegals, put them in prison, and then use them as labor for all of those so-called jobs that no one else will do.  This would not only slow the invasion, but be a boon to your economy.  The government should be the Minutemen, but if you the people are the “real Government” as you say, then you need to take it over.  The recent Minutemen success has proven that you can do this, and do it well.  Your government has failed you, and your constitution provides for you to take it back in such an instance.  If now isn’t such an instance, then there never will be one.  Other lands might wail and gnash their teeth, but you'll be safer and healthier.  Stop apologizing for thinking of yourself.


YOUR MEDIA:  I don’t understand this area of America at all.  They seem intent on anything and everything that belittles and destroys the foundations of your country.  They never support your wars or your soldiers—at least not since Vietnam—and deliberately only cover stories that will turn the world against you and get your men killed.  I come from a land in the Middle East where there is absolutely no freedom of the press, and I love America’s fearlessness in supporting a free press.  But the balance isn’t there.  They are so horribly skewed in favor of communism and even in favor of your Islamic enemy that they don’t even try to hide it.  They are the ones who gave words such as “racist” and “sexist” too much power, and they throw them around like kids pitching balls.  And you Americans seem to feel so guilty for said “racism” that you let them!  It isn’t racist to call people who would kill you your enemy, nor is it racist to want to keep criminals out of your home.  We often watch your news from (the nation where Alex now lives) and look at one another in amazement at the way your press seems to take pleasure in obliterating you.  Why won’t you do something about this?  They’re not the only ones with freedoms.


EDUCATION:  Go to any major university and look at their roster of professors and graduate students in any of the science or math fields.  You won’t find an American name in any of them, or at least very very few.  They are all Chinese, Muslim or Indian…why?  Because you aren’t just outsourcing your jobs, you are outsourcing your brains.  You have all the makings of a major “brain drain” going on in your country.  You have 300 million people in your land…why aren’t you raising your own scientists?  You pay lip service to hating discrimination, yet so –called “positive discrimination” happens in your universities non-stop.  Foreigners aren’t just given preference over Americans but are actually paid to learn!  You think you can stop it?  Your universities will never allow it, and here’s why.  1.  All of their professors are foreign…the brain drain would devastate them.  Research would collapse, and the Silicon Valley—which is a major contributor to most universities—would disintegrate since most of its workers are, you guessed it, Chinese, Muslim and Indian.  2.  If they lower the number of foreign students, they risk becoming a pariah by signaling they don’t want foreigners there.  This can either label them racist—apparently a death sentence in America—or go back to the problem mentioned in #1.  It is a vicious cycle that no university wants to risk.  3.  After 9/11, the FBI background checks hindered the foreign student’s ability to come to America.  Your universities began to lose out to the more open and friendly European nations, and their outcry was deafening.  They demanded dropping the background checks because it was hurting them.  Screw America…it was all about them.  So in 2002 Powell personally promised one of the Middle Eastern countries that he would expedite the process, and he quickly freed up hundreds of visas to this enemy of America.  Your own general did this.  He isn’t the only one; your own government courts students from enemy nations who willingly send them over to both learn and act as spies.  All the while these enemy nations are making billions of dollars from their people working on their behalf in other nations.  And all because America’s children want to go into liberal arts, drama, and interpretive dance.  4.  As an example, India is quickly becoming prosperous, encouraging many Indians who had planned to live in America to return home.  I know India is not your enemy, but the largest Islamic population is in India.  You’d be wise to keep that in mind, especially with Microsoft setting up one of its largest institutions there.  And it’s not only India.  When the scientific leaders from any foreign nation leave, they take their knowledge and skills with them, hence the brain drain leaving America and the brain flood entering your enemies. 


ISLAM, COMMUNISM, AND OTHER ENEMIES OF AMERICA:  I know you’re all about freedom, but how could you allow Iraq to even consider a constitution that makes Islam the law of the land?  We are starting to think you are insane!  That will bring Iran and Iraq together.  Iran and North Korea are already buds, and North Korea and Pakistan are big friends, and China loves anyone who hates you.  One of Pakistan’s scientists—Dr. Khan—was working for a nuclear facility in Europe when he stole nuclear capabilities and brought it to Pakistan, who then gave it to North Korea, who then gave it to Iran, who will most definitely give it to Iraq!  It’s not like their subtle about any of this either…they never keep any of their promises or treaties.  The Koran teaches us to obey the laws of the land unless they conflict with the beliefs of Islam.  Fraternizing with Jews and infidels is against Islam, so the Koran justifies its followers in breaking treaties, causing havoc, and murdering.  And communism…?  No subtlety there…they just want you destroyed.  The Chinese manifesto names America specifically, and at any given time, 80% of their missiles are pointed at American cities.  They will ally with any nation who will help them bring you down, including Pakistan and Russia, two nations with whom they are now working to build airplanes, destroyers, and ports capable of docking aircraft carriers.  Yet you keep trusting these nations…signing road maps and treaties with them as if they haven’t already proven over and over again to be untrustworthy.  Why?  The Palestinians have never kept a treaty or a promise…not once, not ever, yet now you give them legitimate status.  They won…they behaved like savages, murdering and destroying, and you rewarded them at the sacrifice of an ally.  You are the only nation on earth that has ever called Islam a “religion of peace.”  In fact, we laughed so hard the first time we heard your president say it that it was the running joke for the next solid month.  I was raised in Islam...there is nothing peaceful about it.  Your enemies seem to know with whom to work when they want to destroy you…even Hitler turned to Muslims for help in WWII.  Americans are the only ones who just aren’t getting it, and whose president and media are helping Islam pull off what none of your enemies has ever accomplished:  the destruction of the United States of America. 


            I honestly have nothing more to add to what Alex said.  When it’s been said this well, this thoroughly, well then, ‘nuff said.  I guess the only thing left is to find out what we now have to say.  America?


            Keep the faith, bro, and in all things courage.




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