CNN's Sneering John Berman: ‘Future of the Republic’ in the Hands of a Lazy Senate

January 23rd, 2020 10:59 PM

The impeachment trial of President Trump has only been underway for a couple of days, and already one of the liberals reporting for the ratings-challenged CNN channel is criticizing members of the Senate for not paying sufficient attention to the speeches made by the Democratic managers from the House of Representatives.

One of the people angered most by the “lazy” officials was John Berman, co-host for the New Day morning program on that network, who claimed on Thursday: “[I]I’s not like the future of the Republic is at stake. Oh, wait. It is.”


According to an article posted by Charlie Nash of Mediaite, Berman “called out senators in a rant ... for leaving their seats and missing chunks of the Wednesday impeachment trial.”

JOHN BERMAN: The presentation from the House managers is earning praise even from Republicans. We have a picture to show you. Late last night, that's Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the President’s fiercest defenders, [told] lead manager Adam Schiff that he had done a good job. Really well-spoken, he said. 

Although it begs the question: How would Senator Graham know? He wasn’t in his chair for chunks of the arguments. In fact, many of the senators from both parties were not at their desk at different times despite the rules which require the apparently herculean task of sitting down for a few hours.

This isn’t digging ditches. This isn’t manning a foxhole. This isn’t working an assembly line. This is sitting in a chair and enjoying all the milk you can drink.

Senators can only drink milk and water while seated inside the chamber. Then Berman lectured “But I guess it’s not like the future of the Republic is at stake. Oh, wait. It is.”

“Remember,” Berman noted, “this is the so-called upper House, the cooling saucer, the higher chamber” before hammering senators for having “cushy six-year terms, which apparently aren’t long enough for some to spare a few minutes to sit down.”

At that point, the morning anchor asserted: “Now, this is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings because being a little mean apparently gets you rebuked by the Chief Justice of the United States. But leaving the chamber for extended periods of time while the President is on trial, no problemo! It might be the real risk they run by, you know, sitting is they might learn something.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, CNN -- and MSNBC -- tried to get senators to agree on “a conspiracy theory that suggested Republicans were not taking the trial seriously, with many of them not even present in the chamber.”

Instead, even Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated: “I’ve rarely seen more than ten members out of their seats at a given time, and we've had all members there for most of the time.”