Late Night Comics Shill for Democrats on Impeachment

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As late night hosts have done since Donald Trump was elected President, comedians spent most of Tuesday evening trashing the GOP occupant of the White House and his fellow Republicans while promoting Democratic talking points as “jokes” for their liberal audiences.

While the comics on NBC and ABC cheerfully took shots at everyone from Georgia Republican Doug Collins to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show on Comedy Central aimed his barbs directly at Trump.



Noah first showed a clip of the President stating that Democrats “got caught red-handed” while pursuing impeachment in Congress before noting:

Trump is a legend, man. The report came out, and he’s just blindly plowing ahead like the report says what he wanted it to say ‘cause that’s not what it said. And he’s just like: “No, it is. It is what I said.”

He’s like those people who got dumped and are totally in denial about it. “Donald, you’re great, but this isn’t working.” “Okay, feel better. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “No, you don’t understand. It’s over, Donald.” “Love you too, babe.”

The Comedy Central host then asserted that “Trump didn’t read the actual report. I mean, his advisors can’t get him to read reports. They probably just gave him some of the bullet points on Denny’s place mats.” “But even if he did read it,” Noah stated, “it wouldn’t matter because Trump always creates his own reality no matter what the facts say.”

As if that wasn’t harsh enough, the comic continued by joking: “So even if he does get impeached and somehow gets removed from office, there’s a good chance Trump will just ignore it and keep being President.”

“He’ll walk in, and a staff member will say: ‘Mr. President, the votes are in. I’m sorry; you have to leave the White House. It’s over.’” Trump would then respond: “All right. Love you, too, babe. See you tomorrow!”

Seth Meyers, host of the Late Night program on NBC, chose a different target: U.S. Representative Doug Collins. After showing a video of the Georgia Republican firing back at Democrats, Meyers asked: “What? Was any of that English? If you put those words into Google Translate, it would just give up.”

The comic next added that Collins’ statement “is a perfect distillation of where the Republicans are right now. They don’t have a coherent defense so they just throw out a string of random buzz words as quickly as they can and hope people buy it.”

Also joining the fray was Jimmy Kimmel of ABC, who joked: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “has not indicated when the trial will be held or how long the trial will last, but he did announce that the verdict will be ‘Not Guilty.’”

The host and producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live! stated that McConnell and Trump have “reportedly been arguing about how the trial should go. McConnell wants to do it quickly, but Trump wants it to take as long as possible. It’s like the tortoise and the hairpiece.”

However, the President “reportedly wants to turn his impeachment into a show, into a dramatic event because he believes this will hurt Democrats,” Kimmel claimed.The comic continued: “But why would he even have a say in how the trial goes? I mean, he’s the one on trial.”

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