Tanks for Kids? Arming Stray Cats? Colbert's Very Fake News Mocks NRA and Dana Loesch

May 8th, 2019 8:29 AM

On April 30, liberal comedian Stephen Colbert took a momentary break from his constant slams on President Trump to focus on some other favorite targets of the CBS Late Show host: the National Rifle Association and the organization’s spokeswoman, Dana Loesch.

It didn’t take long for Tom Knighton at the Bearing Arms website to fire back while hammering the comic as “a sanctimonious jackwagon who pontificates on television, preaching to the choir and deluding himself into believing he’s both relevant and funny. He's neither.”

The video clip began with a fake newsman stating: “The National Rifle Association is under investigation by New York state’s attorney general following questions over the organization’s finances, including its tax-exempt status.”



Next came a “PSA from the NRA” in which a woman impersonating Loesch stated:

The liberal media wants you to believe that the NRA doesn’t deserve its nonprofit status just because we make a profit.

But here’s the thing: If you take away our tax-exempt status, how would we continue our great charity work? Like “Guns on Wheels,” where we provide guns for hungry old people.

Another “charity program” was described as “Tanks 4 Kids” before the woman picked up a cat with a gun attached to its back.

“And of course,” she stated, “our newest charity initiative: arming stray cats that live on the mean streets.” “Isn’t that right, Cinnamon?” she asked before the cat meowed in response. “Now, run along,” the comedian said. “You’re safe now.”

When she put the cat on the floor off camera, the sound of gunshots could be heard as everyone in the area ran to get away.

“Oh, my God!” a woman shouted: “Who gave the cat a gun?”

Knighton noted that he was inclined to let the skit pass as just “a pathetic excuse for humor,” but he also noticed a caption for the video on YouTube, which reads: “As the nation’s prominent advocate for gun rights, you’d think the NRA would be better at defending itself.”

He concluded: “People wonder why so many on this side of the gun debate have no use for the mainstream media. This right here is why.”