Tucker Carlson: Media Want You to ‘Consume’ Buttigieg ‘Like a Hearty Stew’

April 18th, 2019 12:28 AM

With almost 20 people running for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2020 presidential election, liberal media types have decided to educate us about these candidates, ranging from Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to former tech executive Andrew Yang.

The popularity of these individuals will rise and fall, according to Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, who noted Tuesday night that many of the people who previously supported former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke now seem to favor South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with one cable news host (MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace) saying the Buttigieg was “chicken noodle soup for my soul.”



Carlson opened by stating (click “expand”):

Imagine how it must feel to be Beto O’Rourke right now. If you’re O’Rourke, you’re out there running for President really hard or at least running for Vice President, you’re running anyway. You’re given speech after speech every day. “Children are our future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Inspiring stuff like that. Deep stuff like that. And there’s a physical component to the job, too. You’re riding your skateboard for the camera. You’re taking God knows how many selfies for your fans on Snapchat and Instagram. It’s not an easy gig. Then one morning, you wake up and discover that your one true love — the American news media — have called it off. They’ve left you for a younger, hotter candidate. Went out for a pack of cigarettes that just never came home. They split with some guy from Indiana. You can’t even pronounce the guy’s name.

As proof of his claim, Carlson ran several clips of liberals in the media swooning over the openly homosexual mayor.

Last month, Joy Behar had this to say about him: “The second coming of Obama, huh? We’ll see about that. My prayers may have been answered if that’s true.”

Also in March, so-called Republican strategist Mike Murphy claimed on MSNBC’s Dateline: White House that Buttigieg “is like Beto’s smarter brother.

This was also the same program when Wallace claimed that the mayor “is chicken coup for my soul.”

Carlson then joked that “chicken soup for my soul” is “a new level of political commitment even by the naughty standards of the news media,” who “don’t just want you to vote for this guy, they want you to consume him like a hearty stew -- every last drop of Buttigieg.”

“They’re all in,” he continued before asking: “What’s going on here.....Why would the 37-year-old mayor of some third-string Midwestern city -- no offense, but that’s what it is -- why would that guy stand out?”

The Fox News anchor wondered aloud why Buttigieg is “more impressive than....Booker or former (Colorado) Governor John Hickenlooper, or for that matter, any of the approximately 11,000 progressive Democrats running for President at the moment? Why is this guy better than them?”

Even after conceding that is “a pretty tough” question to answer, Carlson noted: “Nobody knows. Least of all, Buttigieg himself. His website gives you his bio and then tells you how young he is” but “says pretty much nothing about what policies he might support.”

“That’s not an accident,” he added before acknowledging that “we can’t just talk policy points all the time.” Carlson then quoted Buttigieg as saying: “As Democrats, we have to figure out how to tell a better story about our principles.”

While agreeing “that’s not a crazy point,” the Fox News host added: “Storytelling does matter, but first you have to know what your story is. You have to know what your principles are.”