CNN’s Don Lemon on President Trump: ‘I’m Actually Scared at This Point’

December 21st, 2018 6:53 PM

Only a few hours after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned late Thursday, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon appeared to be on the verge of panic while describing that development as “a political earthquake” taking place while “the Trump administration sinks further into chaos.” 

“I’m actually scared at this point,” Lemon stated at the beginning of Thursday evening’s program. He then described Mattis as “the last person left” who could prevent President Trump’s “bad ideas” from coming to fruition.



While doing his best to appear calm, the CNN anchor began: “I want to be plain. Okay? Whatever you’re doing, please just sit down and watch. Even if you watch just this much of the show because I think it’s important for our country and the world.”

“If you are worried tonight, you should be,” he stated and denied he was being “hyperbolic” and “an alarmist” before proving he was both by asserting that Mattis “was the bulwark between impulse and stability in this administration.”

The former defense secretary, whom Lemon called “a great military leader,” was “the last person left who could tell an impetuous president: ‘Slow your roll. Hold your horses. Cool your jets. You don’t want to do that.’”

“So tonight, a political earthquake is rolling through Washington as the Trump administration sinks further into chaos,” he continued.

Liberals usually don’t have much respect for military officers, but Lemon was more than willing to make an exception in this case.

Later, Lemon asserted:

What happened today has made it crystal clear that President Trump is acting against the advice of top Pentagon and national security officials because he thinks he knows better. Does he know more about these conflicts than a four-star general? A four-star general, with a 40-year military career?

“Well, we’re all about to find out,” he grumbled. “The whole world is about to find out.”

“General Mattis has had it, he’s had enough,” he stated. “General (John) Kelly is leaving as chief of staff. General (H. R.) McMaster, long gone as national security adviser.”

Referring to Mattis’s resignation letter, Lemon noted: “We can see where he spells out his differences with President Trump,”

“He calls out the president’s dismissal of America’s long-standing military alliances such as NATO and hints at Trump’s coziness with Russia and China, saying those countries are trying to shape the world in their authoritarian models," Lemon asserted.

The CNN host then read the letter in its entirety “because I think people should know what’s in it. I think it’s very important and I am actually scared.”

As NewsBusters reported on Thursday, Mattis’s resignation led to fireworks between Wolf Blitzer and White House senior adviser Stephen Miller during The Situation Room on CNN. According to lefty partisans in the media, the best thing any Republican official can do is to step down from office, especially anyone in the Trump administration.