Neil Cavuto Hammers ‘Over-the-Top Negative Response’ by Media to Trump

March 28th, 2017 6:31 PM

“Forget about calling Donald Trump on the carpet,” Neil Cavuto stated during the “Mailing It in” segment on the Monday, March 27, edition of his weekday afternoon program on the Fox News Channel.

Instead, the host of Your World With Neil Cavuto noted: “This over-the-top negative media response to what he does -- well, that’s not right or fair.”

Cavuto then noted that he is “not a big defender of Donald Trump,” who “doesn’t much like me, doesn’t come on this show, but you know as I said, that is his right.”

In the background was a Reuters headline: "Global Markets -- Trump slump: dollar, shares skid on reflation trade doubts.”

However, he continued:

But this over-the-top negative media response to everything he does -- well, that’s not right or fair.

Take just today: The same media that’s all but ignored the stock run-ups since his election is now calling the sell-off post the health-care debacle the “Trump Slump.” Clever.

“Or this glaring New York Daily News front page the day after it all went down: ‘Trumpcare Fiasco,’” Cavuto indicated.

He then noted: “Or this front-page fiasco from today’s Washington Post: ‘President Takes a Right Turn in the Blame Game.’”

The host then referred to the Cable News Network, which he called “a major news network” that posted an online opinion piece from a Daily Beast columnist entitled: ’Is Trump Already a Lame Duck?’

“Who comes up with this … quack?” he asked. “Where is the balance in that? Where is the fairness in that?”

“Remember, as I said again last week, I have no ax to grind,” Cavuto continued, “but the media sure does when it comes to saying anything good when it comes to this president or anyone who says anything good when it comes to this president … ever!”

Last week, Cavuto stated that while some of the media’s complaints about the Trump administration are important, there is a lot of unhinged “rage” going on in the press that prevents many from being fair.

At that point, the host referred to a number of emails he received from viewers that covered a wide range of viewpoints on the subject.

A poster named Kimmy stated: “If you want to be liked by the media, you just guaranteed being targeted by the media!”

Axel emailed: “Maybe if you want to be liked by other journalists, Cavuto, you should start acting like one.”

“By doing what they’re doing, Axel?” he asked. “No thank you, Sir.”

A viewer whose online name is Tommy the Terror wrote: “If your feisty writing and delivery is what’s keeping you out of the club, then wear it as a badge of honor!”

“Eleanor in L.A. sees a pattern to me not fitting in,” Cavuto stated. “Maybe this is an astronaut thing with you. You couldn’t fit in the rocket then, and you’re too fat to fit in the club now.”

As NewsBusters readers may recall, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and other MRC personalities are frequent guests on Cavuto’s programs.

In mid-September, Bozell slammed the “arrogant, haughty attitude” of the press in 2016, deriding the biased presidential coverage in favor of Hillary Clinton. Bozell told Cavuto: “Donald Trump has gotten overwhelmingly negative coverage. Fact. That means he's the most negatively covered Republican candidate in history. Fact.”

The MRC president asserted that this attitude is only “making [Trump] stronger.”

A few days later, Bozell told Cavuto that the liberal media refused to cover Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for calling Trump “a human leech who will bleed this country.”

Bozell appeared as a guest on the Fox Business Network program Cavuto: Coast to Coast a week later and told the host that he believed the left was already “working the refs” in advance of the upcoming presidential debate.

After issuing a statement late in the night of the debate blasting Lester Holt’s job as moderator, Bozell joined Neil Cavuto and other hosts from the Fox Business Network’s coverage of the event and urged Donald Trump to “raise hell” over Holt “pitch[ing] softballs to Hillary Clinton all night long.”