Actor Patrick Stewart: 'I'm Moving to America to Fight Donald Trump'

March 3rd, 2017 4:51 PM

As NewsBusters has previously reported, many actors and other liberals in the entertainment industry have gone out of their way to criticize Donald Trump since the Republican was elected president on November 8.

The latest addition to this list is British actor Patrick Stewart, who is best known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise and Professor Charles Xavier, telepathic leader of mutant heroes from the X-Men movies.

During an appearance on Thursday's edition of ABC's weekday series The View, Stewart  -- who was a guest to promote the X-Men movie Logan -- put aside a discussion of his acting career long enough to announce that he is becoming an American citizen to “oppose” Trump and his policies.

Joy Behar began the conversation by stating: “I understand that you're a tweeter, yes?”

“A little,” the actor replied.

“You dabble?” Behar then inquired.

“I resisted social media for years,” Stewart admitted, “but now I'm pretty fully involved.”

“But the other day,” the comedian noted, “you tweeted you had the worst sleep of your life 300 yards from where Trump sleeps.”

“The White House,” the actor said in agreement.

“Was that just a ;coincidence that you happened to be there?” Behar pressed.

“No,” the actor replied before stating:

My wife and I -- Sunny -- we had gone to Washington to see good friends of ours, three different friends who are kind of Washington insiders because we wanted to ask them: What do we do? What do we do? So we had three separate dinners with our friends.

And the first night that we were in Washington, I had the worst night’s sleep for years and years and years. And it was only in the morning when I got up and drew the curtains and I realized what it might be.

“So it was a fairly innocent tweet,” he stated. “I did not directly insult your president.”

At that point, co-host Whoopi Goldberg -- who occasionally portrayed an alien named Guinan in the second Trek series -- stated that Trump is “Not mine.”

“Well, he’s not mine either,” Stewart stated.

Behar then asked: “Would you like him? We’ll give him to you.”

“You know,” the longtime actor noted, “we have our own problems,” including the Brexit election last June in which voters in Great Britain chose to leave the European Union, a move Stewart and many other British actors opposed.

Stewart stated that he is currently not able to take on the GOP occupant of the White House because “I'm not a citizen” of the United States.

“However,” he noted, “there is -- maybe it’s the only good thing as a result of this election -- I am now applying for citizenship because I want to be an American, too, because all of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: Fight, fight. Oppose, oppose.”

“But I can’t do it [yet] because I’m not a citizen,” he added.

According to an article posted by Gossip Cop on the website, “Stewart did not reveal how far along he is in the process.”

“The esteemed entertainer is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and was knighted in 2010,” Gossip Cop added. Finally, “there is no word yet how Queen Elizabeth feels about his decision to go for dual citizenship.”

Just what we don't need: another celebrity from a different country telling us how to live our lives.