Entertainers Lambast Trump’s Press Conference, Prep for ‘Doomsday’

On February 16, President Trump conducted his first solo press conference since the inauguration. Predictably, the Twittersphere erupted with liberal attacks on the president. 

The “presser” was certainly unconventional, but the response was worse, with comments about “doomsday” and questions about Trump’s sanity.

Ellen show producer, Andy Lassner, took home the prize for hyperbole. “I used to call all those doomsday preppers insane,” he tweeted. “Now I think they’re the smart ones.”

Posting a picture of herself with blackened and smoking eyeballs, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee tweeted: “Watching this @POTUS presser.”

Star Trek actor George Takei, commenting on Trump’s extended discussion of his election victory, believed that the president was not himself sure “whether this nightmare is real.”

Others accused the POTUS of various forms of mental instability.

Actor and comedian Josh Gad, although he did not watch, assumed from his Twitter feed that “Danny DeVito in Cuckoo’s nest is our President.” Commenting that the presser should be “taking place in [Trump’s] shrink’s office,” actress Mia Farrow took a similar view.

Clearly, there is still a disconnect between Hollywood and much of the American populace. 

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