Fox News Channel's Stacey Dash Makes Surprise Cameo at Oscars Ceremony

February 29th, 2016 5:40 PM

Ever since it became obvious that no blacks were nominated to win a golden statue during the 88th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, the news networks and black entertainers hyped the controversy even though comedian Chris Rock was chosen to serve as master of ceremonies for the event.

Nevertheless, one bizarre segment in the hours-long program appeared to address this issue, as Stacey Dash -- an actress and current contributor to the Fox News Channel -- was introduced by Rock as “the new director of our minority outreach program,” and she came onstage to state: “I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!”

After making that brief statement, Dash walked offstage to tepid applause from the audience of Hollywood liberals.

The racial disparity among people nominated this year for an Oscar was definitely on Rock's mind, as evidenced by his harsh opening monologue and a supposedly humorous montage of black actors appearing in several nominated films.

When the program returned from a commercial break, Rock stated: “Ah, we're black.”

Dash's lukewarm reception stemmed in part from her stated positions on several issues important to liberal blacks, including her endorsement of Mitt Romney -- Republican presidential candidate in the 2012 election -- and her call for an end to designating February as Black History Month.

Minutes after her brief appearance during the ceremony, Dash posted a blog message explaining: “You might be watching the Oscars and wondering why someone named Stacey Dash just walked across the stage. (Why was that funny anyway?)”

She then added:

Well, I’m Stacey -- with an “e” -- and it’s nice to meet you. I was born in the South Bronx, became an actress in Hollywood where I starred in the 1995 movie Clueless.

Since then, you won’t believe what happened. (Actually, you can read the full story in my upcoming book There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative.)

“Even though I voted for Obama during 2008 -- even had a bumper sticker! -- I didn’t make the same mistake twice,” Dash noted. “In 2012, I voted for Mitt Romney – and everyone freaked the hell out about it.”

“Why?” she asked. “Well, black people should support black candidates, I was told. But I’m not one to be told what to do. No matter my skin color, I was going to vote for the best candidate.”

“Since I was blamed, mocked and ridiculed in the press over supporting a Republican, I’ve spoken out about a LOT of stuff that black people try to stuff down my throat,” Dash continued before stating:

For example, I spoke out against Black History Month. (Why should there be such a thing? Haven’t we had more than just one month’s worth of accomplishments?)

Plus, I spoke out against the #OscarsSoWhite controversy … . My take? We need to stop complaining about white people oppressing us, we shouldn’t boycott the Oscars, and we need to support Chris Rock, the host.

“Which brings me to the joke,” she stated. “When they added ME to increase the diversity, I’m sure many black people rolled their eyes. I’m not 'black enough,' they say.”

“But guess what?” Dash asked. “I’ve heard that all my life. I would rather be a free-thinking black than a cookie-cutter black who thinks -- and votes -- just like all my friends.”

“Yes, I’m the actress from the South Bronx who has always dreamed of winning an Oscar,” she noted, “but God has a great sense of humor, and this is my first encounter with one of my dreams of destiny: bringing diversity to Hollywood, … not merely because of color, but politics as well.”

“After all, different colors of skin is an easy kind of diversity,” Dash stated. “Ideological diversity is much harder because it forces everyone to come face to face with actual beliefs. Hollywood needs BOTH.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, Dash appeared at the Media Research Center's September of 2014 DisHonors Awards and annual Gala, where she ripped Hollywood as being full of "hypocrites."

The conservative described how the city's residents don't practice what they preach. "Want proof? There are no movies made in Hollywood. They make them in places like Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina. Do you know why? Lower taxes. Hypocrites."

Black comedian Anthony Anderson responded in February by mocking her during his opening monologue at the NAACP Image Awards:

What the hell is she doing? Doesn't she know that the Fox network is using her? She's just an Ann Coulter dipped in butterscotch. That's all she is!

Here's another example of just how “liberal” progressives can be when it comes to dealing with people who have different views: not much at all.