Piers Morgan Bans Guest After ‘Glib’ London Beheading Tweet

May 24th, 2013 3:33 PM

A well-known phrase states that “you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.” That concept was very much in play on Wednesday, when Piers Morgan -- the Britain-born host of a weeknight program on CNN -- banished conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch from his show for being “glib” about the grisly beheading of a London soldier.

The conflict began when Loesch, who has clashed with Morgan in the past, joked about his crusade to ban guns by tweeting: “Was the guy with the machete a member of the NRA?” Venting his anger over the gruesome murder in his native country, Morgan replied: “You think the beheading of a soldier is something to be glib about???”

“As opposed to you calling me Nancy Lanza” -- the mother of Adam Lanza, who killed 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012 -- “because I stood up for 2A (Second Amendment) rights?” the conservative responded. "Get real.”

The liberal activist growled that “there is a time to shut up with stupid political wisecracks, and this is one of those times. Show some bloody respect” regarding the murder in southeast London, which left one man dead in what has been described as a “terrorist incident.”

“That’s rich coming from you,” the talk radio host responded. “You stood on the graves of children and attacked my family” for having children who could grow up to be murderers since the Loesches own guns. “Get some consistency.”

Loesch added that she thought the attack was "disgusting. I'm from a family of veterans. It's reprehensible that they most of all are denied arms to self defense. That's the point."

Morgan sought to end the exchange by noting that he “can't stomach” Loesch “goading Brits with her outrageous tweeting re beheaded soldier story. Unfollowed, and banned from my show.”

Loesch, who hosts “The Dana Show” on conservative talk radio, continued to tweet at Morgan for hours, accusing him of hypocrisy in this matter and many other issues.

Soon after, the conservative radio host updated her Twitter profile to read: “Proudly banned from Piers Morgan's TV show,” and stated:

Classic. @piersmorgan bans me from a show no one watches.

Loesch continued by remarking: “Yes, heaven forbid I think soldiers should at all times be able to protect themselves and point out what happens when PC intervenes.”

“Speaking of ‘goading,’” the radio host added, Morgan has “inadvertently sent a wave of death and rape threats my way.”

The argument drew posts from others on Twitter. For example, @AceofSpadesHQ stated:

You think it's rather ghoulish for a foreign pundit to make hay about the deaths of your countrymen, eh?

On Thursday, Mackenzie Weinger of Politico.com exchanged emails with Loesch, who stated: “I think he was just bored and wanted a fight.”

“I get along quite well with his absolutely wonderful staff, who invite me on regularly,” she added. “I believe they are all I will miss. As for whether or not the ban will stay, that depends on how bad Piers drives his ratings, I suppose.”

Also on Wednesday, Morgan took on another conservative activist, Ann Coulter, who wrote:

Liberals still hoping London machete attack was committed by a white guy.

Morgan called her joke “breathtakingly moronic,” though it's likely the British liberal hasn't gotten in the last word with either Coulter or Loesch.

H/T: Mediaite.com