Arizona Republic: All Is Well With AZ Vote Counting

November 13th, 2022 5:11 PM

All Is Well!

You might remember that phrase as being yelled by Chip Diller of "Animal House" as utter chaos erupted around him. Well, the media critic Bill Goodykoontz of the Arizona Republic also sounds like Diller with his assurances that all is well with the very very slow vote count in Arizona while declaring the long delay is perfectly normal on Saturday in "No, national media, vote counting in Arizona isn't 'messy,' no matter what Kari Lake says."

While assuring that a long delay in the vote count is quite normal, Goodykoontz also expresses frustration over why anyone would be upset by such a delay:

Everyone wants quick results.

And everyone wants ice cream for breakfast. It’s not always in your best interest to get what you want. National media has done a hit-or-miss job of making that clear.

Notice how he makes it seem unreasonable to want ballots to be counted within a day or two after the polls close.

You expect a clown like Tucker Carlson to sow doubt about election integrity, in the same way you expect a toddler to knock a porcelain vase off a table. Neither can help themselves. Of course Carlson decries the time it takes to accurately count all votes to make it sound like a big mess when it’s not.

But the New York Times?

“The Daily,” the New York Times podcast with which many people start their day, not surprisingly dove deep into the election Thursday morning.

It was the story of the day, after all — of the week, the month, the year. And it isn’t over yet. As expected — and thoroughly covered by reputable news organizations — states like Arizona couldn’t be called for any candidate on election night, because of the way votes are counted there.

Strange but Florida, with a larger population than Arizona, delivered the "ice cream for breakfast" just hours after the polls closed.

To be fair, the New York Times in most of its coverage doesn’t portray the vote count in Arizona as anything other than what it is — slow and careful.

Hacks like Carlson aren’t going to do that. He hosted Lake on his Fox News show Wednesday, where the two complained about the count.

“Can you believe this, Tucker?” she said at the outset.

“No,” he replied. Not exactly a man-bites-dog moment. But Carlson went on to try to cast doubt on the whole process.

“I’m not alleging a crime, but just broadly speaking it’s criminal to screw it up this badly,” he said. “Did anyone know this was going to happen? Are you confident it’s on the level? It’s just so outrageous. What is this?”

Lake said, “I’m not shocked.”

Why would she be? No one else in Arizona was, or should have been. Yes, Tucker, people knew it would take days to count the votes in Arizona. And no, it’s not being screwed up.

All is well!

Lake went on Newsmax Thursday and said, “They’re dragging their feet and they’re slow-rolling the results and they’re trying to delay the inevitable.” She also said it was “an embarrassment” and said elections were being run “like we’re in some banana republic” and that she had “very little faith” in the “incompetent” people running elections in Maricopa County.

Please. Lake covered elections in Arizona for years. She’s seen this before. To feign surprise and outrage all of a sudden is disingenuous at best, dangerous at worst.

And no self-respecting “journalist” should go along with her claims.

All is well!

It takes as long as it takes. Sit back, watch and wait. The story isn’t going away anytime soon.

All is well!

And goodnight Chip Diller wherever you are in Arizona.