NBC's Presidential 'Historian' Hilariously SCHOOLED for This MASSIVE Gaffe

December 12th, 2020 12:00 PM

NBC's presidential historian, Michael Beschloss, found out the hard way that when you try to school President Donald Trump about Abraham Lincoln on the press, you might be the one who ends up schooled. Such was the case on Thursday when Beschloss attempted to one-up Trump on what Lincoln said.

Unfortunately for the presidential historian he was soon schooled on the subject of Lincoln and the press. First we have Beschloss inadvertently setting himself up for the ultimate smackdown on Thursday by snarking on Twitter about Trump and Lincoln.



The presidential historian got a bit of unwelcome presidential history with this reminder from Ben Shapiro:



This also caused Beschloss' knowledge of presidential history to be questioned:



Finally we have this suggestion as to what poor Beschloss should do with his self-description: