Brian Stelter Suddenly Rushes to Defend FOX NEWS Over Election Coverage??

November 9th, 2020 10:34 PM

The last person in the world you would expect to be hyping how good Fox News is at anything? It might be CNN's Reliable Sources host, Brian Stelter, whose new anti-Fox gossip book is titled Hoax. So what could make him change his mind? Well, if the Fox News decision desk were to call Arizona for Biden shortly after that state's polls closed while still refusing to call Florida for Trump despite it being more than three hours after the Sunshine state's polls closed with 91% of the votes counted showing Trump almost 400,000 votes ahead. 

That is why on Sunday's Reliable Sources, Stelter shocked the world by supporting Fox News while interviewing and shaming Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy about why President Donald Trump has still not conceded the election to Joe Biden.

STELTER: So, you mentioned a possible business partner. Do you want to partner with him for Trump TV?

RUDDY: I certainly would love to have Donald Trump on Newsmax a lot whether he's president or not. I think he's great television ratings. I mean, this guy, 15 years TV star in Apprentice, nobody has a hit show for 15 years. Look at the crowds he draws. He is very great TV personality. I think he's great to have part of Newsmax and we're certainly looking forward to having him on.

STELTER: When you spoke this week, did you all talk about this possibility?

RUDDY: No, we didn't, but we did talk about Fox News and he's very disappointed in Fox News at very crucial moments. The debate Chris Wallace is moderating was terrible. It really hurt, I think, the President. And then, you know, they call the election.

They called Arizona with 14 percent of the vote in. Many other networks never called it. Meanwhile, they wouldn't call Florida for hours. Why? What was going on at Fox News that they didn't want to give the president the sense that he was winning or had the potential shot of winning?

STELTER: Fox has a great decision desk. I respect their decision desk. They don't -- they don't -- they don't do it like that. They don't play games like that, Chris.

RUDDY: I think media malpractice. Let's look at the Fox News poll. It was off by what, eight points? Almost every poll was -- the data coming out of Fox was not good at all.

STELTER: Yes, we're going to get into polls, but the Fox -- the Fox polls are scientific. They were trying their best.

Brian's newfound love for Fox News is quite touching. However, if that network starts reporting in detail the election disputes now ongoing one wonders if that love will endure.