Crystal Ball CBS Reveals Precise Democrat Delegate Counts Months Before Primaries

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Bernie Sanders now has 286 delegates for next year's Democrat convention. Not 285 nor 287 but precisely 286 delegates according to CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto. 

Yes, Elizabeth Warren might have a plan for...whatever, but Anthony Salvanto has the precise delegate count despite the fact that we are months before the first Democrat primary. Here is Oracle Anthony conjuring up the delegate counts for host Margaret Brennan on Sunday's Face The Nation.



Delegates are handed out to top finishers in all of these states. Really any candidate that gets above 15 percent. Well by the time you get through all of those states, Joe Biden is doing well enough. He racking up a lot of delegates, a lot of of votes in places like South Carolina that he still has the overall delegate lead in that estimate when we take these vote preferences and we translate them into how the delegates would be awarded in the states.

We are expected to believe that it is somehow possible to develop precise delegate counts based on very imprecise election polls at this early stage of the campaign season in which the primaries have not even begun. However, we should keep in mind that Salvanto the Savant has an impeccable track record of election prognostication as can be seen in the following video from Election Day 2016.



Oops! On that day, Salvanto saw Trump’s path to victory as “possible,” but added that the candidate “has to flip a lot of” blue states. As we know, Trump did just that in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Yet somehow CBS News wants us to believe the same guy when it comes to conjuring up precise delegate counts months before the primaries.

The CBS News website continues with the fantasy that it is somehow possible to start predicting delegate counts months before the primaries begin with a report that has an unintentionally funny title, "Elizabeth Warren rises as Joe Biden clings to delegate edge — CBS News Battleground Tracker."  The report itself continues with the arrogant assumption that it possible to forecast delegate counts at this early stage:

The former vice president now clings to a narrow lead over Warren in our CBS News/YouGov Tracker estimate of convention delegates — the only count that ultimately matters — with an estimated 600 delegates of all delegates available through Super Tuesday, to Warren's 545.

Warren has gained delegate share as supporters of other, lower-tier candidates have been switching their preferences toward her.

Bernie Sanders rounds out the top tier of candidates with 286 delegates in a race that has tightened substantially over the summer. Biden's position is helped by amassing enough delegates from South Carolina and other Southern states, as well as consistently strong showings elsewhere to keep him up in the overall delegate standings — albeit not by much.

286 delegates for Sanders. Yup! You sure nailed it down, CBS. Perhaps the DNC could save themselves the expense of actually conducting primaries and award the delegates according to your estimates.

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