MSNBC Panel Suggests Trump Removal Due to Alzheimer's

August 17th, 2019 9:15 PM

Alheimer's? Yes! That's just the ticket. Since the Mueller Report definitely showed that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, impeachment is no longer an option. So what to do? Why, pretend that President Donald Trump is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and suggest his removal via the 25th Amendment.

That was the wild idea of Nicolle Wallace and her MSNBC panel, including Al Sharpton, on her Deadline: White House show on Friday. The funniest thing about this fantasy is they think the big roadblock to it happening is that his cabinet is not intact:

NICOLLE WALLACE: David Brooks reported in 2017 that a bunch of Republicans came out of a meeting where Donald Trump displayed some signs that were similar to the early stages of Alzheimer's. You've got, reporting I think from Phil's newspaper, from Axios, and other places that in and out of the room people either disparagingly or affectionately are saying at an increased clip he's crazy.

Oh, if the vehemently anti-Trump David Brooks reported this about the early stages of Alzheimer's then it must be true...but only in Nicolle Wallace's fervent imagination desperately grasping at any straw to remove Trump from office other than by an election.

Leftist MSNBC legal analyst, Joyce Vance, who made herself notorious a month ago for her absurd claim that the Fox News Channel would not be be airing the House hearings featuring Robert Mueller, chimed in with the Trump as crazy theme.

JOYCE VANCE: You know there's pervasive reporting in this regard and if it was grandpa you would probably take him to see a neurologist or someone who specialized in geriatric medicine. That hasn't hasn't happened here...

WALLACE: That we know of...

Notice that interjection by Wallace inferring that perhaps Trump was treated for Alzheimer's? Okay, back to Vance who humiliated herself in July:

VANCE: ...That we know of is right but the remedy is the 25th amendment and that requires an intact cabinet which Trump does not have whether by design or by accident. Most of the cabinet is acting. We don't know what the mix would look like in a vote and there's no will to take that on in any sense.

Drat! The president's cabinet can't vote on a 25th Amendment because they are not intact which even if they were intact, they wouldn't even bother to vote on this in the first place.

Later Al Sharpton added his two cents which included not only an image of a geriatric grandpa with the nuclear football but also the charge of racism which is his stock in trade.