WashPost Columnist to 2020 Dems: Stop Answering Those ‘Raise Your Hands’ Questions!

Please stop raising your hands in unison to provide answers to questions that might destroy whatever chance you might have to win the 2020 presidential election.

That is the big worry of Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne. And he is right. Answering affirmatively by raising your hand to the question of if you approve of giving health care to illegals or decriminalizing the unauthorized crossing of the border is pretty much a deal killer for the vast majority of American voters. Those raising their hands might get a warm, fuzzy feeling as well as the approval of the leftwing of the Democrats as well as the mainstream media but it is suicidal at the ballot box.

This is why Dionne wants the Democrats to just not raise their hands to questions since it will almost inevitability run in Republican campaign commercials. He begged the Democrats to stop doing this on Sunday in "The Democrats are fighting each other when they should be fighting Trump."

...Democratic presidential candidates should join in an informal union (they are pro-union, aren’t they?) and agree to stop answering “raise your hands” questions in debates. Inevitably, they are forced later to say that this or that issue is complicated, that the question they were asked was not exactly the right question — and the more they explain themselves, the more slippery they look.

Please stop being so honest!

Also  it would be tough for Kamala to follow Dionne's basic premise of the article to not fight each other since her busing attack upon Joe Biden resulted in a poll surge for her. Here is Dionne making that particular plea in his first paragraph.

Have Democrats reached the point where they would rather beat each other’s heads in than defeat President Trump? Have they forgotten that the opposition’s first task is to build a broad coalition for change?

So the ones who take Dionne's advice can feel good about themselves while watching their competition surge past them in the polls.Yeah, the overall goal of the Democrats is to defeat Trump but first all the candidates want to win the nomination which means they do have to beat each other.

Dionne goes apocalyptic in his final paragraph:

It will be unforgivable if the opponents of a genuinely dangerous and immoral regime indulge themselves with inward-looking feuds when history’s demands upon them could not be clearer.

But E.J., don't you find those "raise your hands" answers refreshingly honest? In the past if conservatives accused the Democrats of wanting to give free health care or promote open borders via decriminalization, they would would have been angrily accused of supporting tinfoil hat "right-wing conspiracy theories." Now with the hand raising they themselves have confirmed the "wild" accusations of the past.

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