Stephen King: Trump Scarier Than Characters in My Novels

July 14th, 2019 6:21 PM

Did you know that the evil Greg Stillson of "The Dead Zone" and President Donald Trump both breath oxygen? Therefore it is yet another similarity that demonstrates that Trump is as scary, no, make that even scarier, than Stillson.

Ridiculous analogy, right? Yes, but no more ridiculous than the  tenuous parallels that King draws between the two in his interview with Now This News which was reported on in Saturday's Rolling Stone with a straight face in "Master of Horror Stephen King Says Trump is ‘Scarier’ Than His Novels."

Author Stephen King knows a thing or two about horrifying, terrifying, chilling, and even creepy subject matter. So, for him to say that something or someone is scarier than his work should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In a new video from NowThis News the prolific storyteller did just that.

In the video, the author was asked whether he thought the Donald Trump presidency was scarier than one of his novels, and he replied, “Short answer to that is yes, I do. I do think it’s scarier.”

Gee, what a "surprise" that the author who publicly suffers from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome would think that. The video reveals how shallow his comparison of Trump to Stillson is starting with the fact that both of them used the word "voice." Instead of Groucho awarding them with saying the magic word presented by the duck, the video sees this as something incredibly ominous. Oh, and didn't both of them also say "a," "the," and "and?"



Later King mentions that Stillson threw hot dogs to the crowd and the video then shows Trump throwing, not hot dogs, but paper towels to a crowd in Puerto Rico. Too bad the video didn't show King throwing a fit right after Trump's election so as to draw an absurd parallel between the author and Stillson and Trump because they were all throwing something.

The video also draws a parallel between violence at Stillson's rallies and at Trump's rallies. Conveniently forgotten by Now This News (and King) was that an instigator of violence at the Trump rallies was a Democrat operative named Robert Creamer who was exposed by Project Veritas.

Another absurdity in doing an amazing stretch to draw parallels was mentioning that Stillson early in his career sold bibles and Trump (GASP!) said the word "Bible." Yes, if you say "Bible" that means you have a lot in common with Stillson by a yuuuuuge stretch of Stephen King's imagination.